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Course title Agricultural Machinery
Course code LauZ4187
Credit points 3
ECTS creditpoints 4.50
Total Hours in Course 120
Number of hours for lectures 24
Number of hours for laboratory classes 24
Independent study hours 72
Date of course confirmation 28/11/2011
Responsible Unit Institute of Agricultural Machinery
Course developers
Dr. sc. ing., prof. Jānis Palabinskis

There is no prerequisite knowledge required for this course
Course abstract
Technologies of agricultural operations: regimes, energetic and costs. Conditioning and storing of plant production. Constructions of machinery: agritechnical requirements, technological parameters, technological and kinematic schemes. Machinery design, technical documentation, testing. Significance of agricultural mechanisation. The system of machines. Equipment of animal feed distribution.
Learning outcomes and their assessment
• Knowledge - to explain application of agricultural machinery as a complicated instrument of the process implementation, orientate in the offer of agricultural machinery, technologies and applied machines and equipment.
• Skills – to evaluate plant breeding and animal breeding work to be done, choose the technological and technical solutions for operation of the applied machinery, • Competence – the acquired knowledge and skills give a possibility to know competently issues of plant breeding and animal breeding mechanization, to choose independently appropriate technologies and machinery for its implementation as well as manage work with the corresponding machinery.
Compulsory reading
1. Lauksaimniecības mašīnas. J.Ozola redakcijā. Rīga: Zvaigzne, 1993. 414 lpp.
2. Boruks u.c. Graudi: daudzumi, izmaksas, cenas. Rīga: LLU Skrīveru zinātnes centrs, 1999. 201 lpp.
3. Kažotnieks J.. Arkli un aršana. Ozolnieki: LKIAC, 1998. 32 lpp. 4. Pinnis U., Kažotnieks J.. Sējmašīnas. Ozolnieki: LKIAC, 1999. 30 lpp.
Further reading
1. Kronbergs Ē., Kažotnieks J.. Lauka smidzinātāji un to darbība. Ozolnieki: LKIAC, 1999 1997. 31 lpp. 2. Priekulis J., Tilaks S., Ziemelis J. Lopkopības mehanizācija. Rīga: Zvaigzne, 1992. 377 lpp.
Periodicals and other sources
1. AgroTops. Rīga: Aģentūra Agro apgāds. ISSN 1407-5164.