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Course title Business in Sector
Course code MatZP014
Credit points 8
ECTS creditpoints 12
Total Hours in Course 320
Date of course confirmation 18/02/2014
Responsible Unit Department of Wood Processing
Course developers
Mg. sc. ing., viesdoc. Kārlis Būmanis

Prior knowledge
ETeh4029, Automation of Wood Processing
MežZ4057, Entrepreneurship in Woodworking Enterprises
MatZ3028, Wood Processing Machinery and Tools
MatZ3036, Planning of Wood Processing Enterprises
MatZ3047, Production of Glued Materials
MatZ3049, Production of Sawn Timber
MatZ4009, Production of Wooden Articles
Course abstract
Traineeship in woodprocessing, research or related sector companies under cotract of practical training. Acquiring of business organisation experiences and communication skills. Study of company operations and elaboration of proposals for business proces improvements. Carrying out of experimental work and gathering of primary data for diploma work.
Learning outcomes and their assessment
Skills to identify and analyze current problems, conduct research, based on which decisions are formulated with the aim of increasing production and business efficiency, ability to work independently in a market economy, to explore, analyze problems, to take decisions economically feasible to resolve the problems, develop communication skills and participation in team work.
Compulsory reading
1. Metodiskie norādījumi diplomdarbu izstrādei. Sastādījis Z. Saliņš. Jelgava: LLU, 2010. 38. lpp. 2. Metodiskie norādījumi ražošana praksei "Uzņēmējdarbība nozarē". Jelgava, 2007. 23 lpp.
Further reading
1. Arhipova I., Bāliņa S. Statistika ar Microsoft Excel 97 ikvienam: mācību līdzeklis. 1.daļa. Rīga: Datorzinību Centrs, 1999. 168 lpp. 2. Arhipova I., Bāliņa S. Statistika ar Microsoft Excel 97 ikvienam: mācību līdzeklis. 2.daļa. Rīga: Datorzinību Centrs, 2000. 136 lpp.
Periodicals and other sources
1. Laikraksts "Holz-Zentralblatt", ISSN 0018-3792
2. Laikraksts "Dienas Bizness", ISSN 1407-2041 3. Žurnāls "Baltijas Koks", ISSN 1407-6667