Course code LauZ3160

Credit points 1

Bachelor Thesis II

Total Hours in Course40

Independent study hours40

Date of course confirmation02.12.2019

Responsible UnitInstitute of Soil and Plant Science

Course developers

author prof.

Daina Kairiša

Dr. agr.

author prof.

Daina Jonkus

Dr. agr.

author Augsnes un augu zinātņu institūts

Dzidra Kreišmane

Dr. agr.

Prior knowledge

Biol1015, Biometry

LauZ4010, Agronomy Experiment Design

LauZ2109, Agronomy Experiment Design

Course abstract

Students obtain the skills of selecting literature sources relevant to the subject of Bachelor's Thesis, conducting targeted literature studies, using acquired skills in the development of study methodologies and research placements. Students develop a Bachelor's Thesis methodology.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Knowledge of the methods for field farming, horticulture or animal husbandry and relevant research methods, methods for collecting and analysing data and methods of economic calculation, if this is necessary to achieve the objective pursued in the Bachelor's Thesis.
The skills to select the appropriate methods for the purpose of the study and to describe how they are performed.
The student is competent to assess the appropriateness of the study methodology for achieving the purpose of the study.

Assessment: presentation of the Bachelor's Thesis performance methodology to the head of work.

Course Content(Calendar)

1. Choosing a Bachelor's Thesis development site. 2 h
2. Finding out the feasibility of a study/trial at the site of the study. 4 h
3. Discussion of the conditions for the development of the Bachelor's Thesis with the head of work. 2 h
4. Developing a study methodology in line with the work objectives pursued. 4 h
5. Submission and co-ordination of the Bachelor's Thesis methodology with the head of work. 2 h

6. Discussion and approval of the Bachelor's Thesis methodology in the study direction scientists' meeting. 2 h

Requirements for awarding credit points

Presentation of the Bachelor's Thesis performance methodology and conditions to the head of work.
Unmarked test.

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Studies of Internet resources and other sources of information, independent work for formulating the appropriate choice of the methodology, design and presentation of the work.

Design and presentation of work results to the head of Bachelor's Thesis.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

Own-initiative work has been drawn up and presented in accordance with the conditions for drawing up study programmes and study works.

Compulsory reading

1. Zinātniskie raksti un publikācijas par izvēlēto bakalaura darba tēmu.

2. Kārkliņš A., Kreišmane Dz. Studiju darba izpilde un noformējums: metodiskie norādījumi Lauksaimniecības fakultātes studentiem. 5. papild. un pārstr. izdevums. Jelgava: LLU, 2016. 73 lpp.

Further reading

Zinātnisko rakstu krājumi augkopībā un lopkopībā.

Periodicals and other sources

Nozares zinātniskie žurnāli un interneta resursi.


Compulsory study course for full-time students of the professional bachelor's degree programme “Agriculture” in the 6th semester and part-time students in the 8th semester.