Course code Citi1018

Credit points 3

Introduction in Studies

Total Hours in Course81

Number of hours for lectures16

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes32

Independent study hours33

Date of course confirmation16.02.2016

Responsible UnitInstitute of Mechanics and Design

Course developers

author prof.

Kaspars Vārtukapteinis

Dr. sc. ing.

author Mehānikas un dizaina institūts

Nataļja Vronska

Dr. paed.

author lect.

Zane Beitere-Šeļegovska

Mg. paed.

Course abstract

To give to the students the insight and knowledge of higher education, study process and study environment at the university and faculty helping to start the studies successfully paying special attention to organization of the study process and multiformity of student life; to deepen comprehension of designer’s profession specific character, importance of design and creative thinking, to introduce the students in studies of professional bachelor study program “Design and Crafts”, to introduce with demands of composing of study works development. As part of the course, a field trip to SIA LBTU Teaching and research farm "Vecauce" is implemented.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Knowledge: realize nature, levels and models of higher education and studies; realize and mention facts about LLU, realize history of the development of the faculty and study program, content of the professional bachelor study program “Design and crafts” and the expected results in studies, standard of designer profession, design trends, design thinking, link between crafts and design (journal spread about design tendencies); importance of portfolio’s in designer’s profession; demands of study works’ development
Skills: to apply the knowledge acquired in the course to ensure successful process of studies; to think creatively, to generate ideas (creative tasks)
Competence: evaluating of basic principles of study process for starting to study in the chosen study program and successful studies (essay). Able to assess and use knowledge and skills on documents formatting (practical works).

Course Content(Calendar)

Full time intramural studies:
1. Basics of higher education – lecture 1h
2. Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LULST), study system and process - Lectures 1h
3. Normative basis of studies in Latvia, LULST and Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies (FEIT) - lecture 1h
4. Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies, its’ museum exposition- lecture 1h, practical works 2 h
5. Study programmes and bases of FEIT, laboratories- lecture 1h
6. Students’ traditions: Celebration of Azemitologs, Mehi days, Student days etc.- lecture 1h, practical works 3h
7. LULST Fundamental Library. Databases and catalogues created by the library. World databases (practical work – 2h)
8. Current problems of study process- lecture 1h, practical works 1h
9. Scholarships and rotation procedure LULST- lecture 1 h
10. Professional bachelor study program “Design and Crafts” lecture 2 h (essay)
11. Design trends, design in Latvia lecture 1h (journal opening)
12. Creative thinking practical works 1h (creative tasks)
13. Design thinking- lecture 1h, practical works 1 h (creative tasks)
14. Portfolio building, its role in the design profession (Lecture – 1 h, practical work – 1 h).
15. Thesis design (Lecture – 2 h, practical work – 4 h).

Part time extramural studies:

All topics specified for full time studies are accomplished, but the number of contact hours is one half of the number specified in the calendar

Requirements for awarding credit points

To get a test students have to:
• Attend 75% lectures;
• Pass all practical and independent works,
• Attended field trip in Vecauce
• participation in the organization and process of the Azemitologs celebration event provides additional assessment

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

- Independent and practical works.
- Generation of ideas and/or participation in Azemitologs celebration
- Essay about choice of profession and goals in life, as well as first impressions of studies in LULST.
- Journal opening according to design tendencies
- exercises for creative thinking development
- practical formatting of study paper texts;

- portfolio creation

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

The assessment of the study course test with mark depends on the cumulative evaluation of the practical works and attendance of classes (also involvement in Azemitologs celebration)and field trip.

Compulsory reading

• Augstskolu likums. Pieejams:
• LBTU Studiju nolikums. Pieejams:
• Latvijas Biozinātņu un tehnoloģiju universitāte. Pieejams:
• Produktu dizainera profesijas standarts. Pieejams:
• LBTU bibliotēka. Pieejams:
• Beitere-Šeļegovska Z., Dukulis I., Briede B., Vronska N., Paulsone I., Boldiševica L. Diplomprojekta izstrāde. Metodiskie norādījumi profesionālā bakalaura studiju programmas Dizains un amatniecība studentiem. Jelgava: LBTU, 2022. 26 lpp. URL:

• Augucēvičs J. Word. Microsoft Office 2013. Rīga: Biznesa augstskola Turība, 2015. 86 lpp.

Further reading

1. Pirmkursnieka ceļvedis: atbildes uz jautājumiem par studijām, studenta dzīvi un finansēm. Pieejams:
2. LBTU Inženierzinātņu un informācijas tehnoloģiju fakultāte. Pieejams:

3. De Bono E. Kā gūt radošas idejas. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2011. 175 lpp.

Periodicals and other sources

1. Fold. Pieejams:
2. Latvijas Dizaineru savienība. Pieejams:
3. Dekoratīvās mākslas un dizaina muzejs. Pieejams:


The course is included in the compulsory part of the professional higher education bachelor study program "Design and Crafts”