Course code Arhi3094

Credit points 3

Spatial Planning III

Total Hours in Course81

Independent study hours81

Date of course confirmation23.02.2021

Responsible UnitInstitute of Land Management and Geodesy

Course developers


Aina Palabinska

Mg. oec.

author Zemes pārvaldības un ģeodēzijas institūts

Anda Jankava

Dr. oec.

Prior knowledge

Arhi3093, Spatial Planning II

Course abstract

The study course provides an idea of the detailed planning of the development of the municipal territory. During the course, students develop a detailed plan of a part of the municipal territory

Learning outcomes and their assessment

1. Knows the process of detailing municipal territorial development planning - permanent work at home.
2. Acquired the ability to independently develop a detailed plan and determine the conditions for further use of the specific territory – course project development.
3. Able to prepare presentations and defend their solutions in the course project - constant work at home.

Course Content(Calendar)

Full-time studies:
1. Receiving a course project assignment and getting acquainted with it - 1 h.
2. Getting acquainted with the municipal spatial plan and building regulations – 5 h.
3. Evaluation of the current situation of the territory. Development of a storage plan – 6 h.
4. Determination of areas and compilation of the balance of the territory – 6 h.
5. Identification and marking of protection zones in the territory. Preparation of a plan for the current situation – 6 h.
6. Territorial division solutions for detached house construction - 8 h.
7. Transport organization in the territory. Access solutions for designed plots – 6 h.
8. Determination of encumbrance codes and areas of the real estate object for the planned plots – 4 h.
9. Determination of red lines, construction slots, building lines – 4 h.
10. Development of access road cross-sections – 6 h.
11. Engineering communications connection and location solution – 6 h.
12. Development of building regulations for each designed land plot – 6 h.
13. Final design of project plans, preparation of an explanatory article – 12 h.
14. Preparation of a presentation and defense of a course project – 4 h.

Part-time studies:

All topics specified for full-time studies are implemented, but the number of contact hours is 1/2 of the specified number of hours

Requirements for awarding credit points

A course project must be developed and defended

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Research of special literature and regulatory enactments on territorial development planning and elaboration of detailed planning. Course project development. The student develops a course project in accordance with the course project task and methodological instructions issued by the lecturer, submits and defends within the terms agreed with the lecturer.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

An obligatory condition of the course project is its defense, in which the student presents in a short report (approx. 3-5 min.) The aims and tasks of the course project, introduces the current situation and the solutions and work results, visualizing the narration with graphic materials. The assessment is determined by the content and design of the explanatory article and graphic part of the course project, as well as its defense.

Compulsory reading

1. Teritorijas attīstības plānošanas likums: LR likums [tiešsaiste]. Pieņemts 13.10.2011; stājas spēkā 01.12.2011. [Skatīts 10.02.2021]. Pieejams:
2. Noteikumi par pašvaldību teritorijas attīstības plānošanas dokumentiem: MK noteikumi Nr. 628 [tiešsaiste]. Stājas spēkā 01.05.2015. [Skatīts 10.02.2021]. Pieejams:
3. Vispārīgie teritorijas plānošanas, izmantošanas un apbūves noteikumi: Ministru kabineta noteikumi Nr.240 [tiešsaiste]. Stājas spēkā 22.05.2013. [Skatīts 10.02.2021] Pieejams:

Further reading

1. Nekustamā īpašuma detālplānojums: metodiskie norādījumi kursa projekta izstrādei. /Sast. A. Jankava. Jelgava: LLU, 2017. 24 lpp. [
2. Noteikumi par Latvijas būvnormatīvu LBN 008-14 „Inženiertīklu izvietojums”: MK noteikumi Nr. 574 [tiešsaiste]. Stājas spēkā 01.10.2014. [Skatīts 10.02.2021.]. Pieejams:
3. Noteikumi par Apgrūtināto teritoriju informācijas sistēmas izveidi un uzturēšanu un apgrūtināto teritoriju un nekustamā īpašuma objekta apgrūtinājumu klasifikatoru: MK noteikumi Nr. 61[tiešsaiste]. Stājas spēkā 13.02.2014. [Skatīts 10.02.2021.]. Pieejams:


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