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Course title Social Psychology
Course code Psih2030
Credit points 2
ECTS creditpoints 3
Total Hours in Course 32
Number of hours for lectures 16
Number of hours for seminars and practical classes 16
Date of course confirmation 21/05/2013
Responsible Unit Institute of Education and Home Economics
Course developers
Dr. paed., asoc. prof. Regīna Baltušīte
Dr. psych., doc. Anita Vecgrāve

There is no prerequisite knowledge required for this course
Course abstract
Within the study course, the students acquire the history, approaches, theories and methods of social psychology; the description of I-conception from the aspect of social psychology; peculiarities of social perception, personality’s statuses and roles, social norms, attitudes. The students develop their insight into the social systems and social environment, socialization mechanisms and social groups, the concept and functions of communication, verbal and nonverbal communication, interaction in the situations of pedagogical communication.
Learning outcomes and their assessment
• Knowledge on the basic concepts and main theories of social psychology. The insight into the interaction regularities and interaction process between a personality and the social environment; the insight into the application of most significant conceptions of social psychology for the analysis of social behavior.
• Skills – to apply and test the acquired knowledge in practice, for the professional and personal purposes, while acting in the social environment. • Competence – the ability to find the social-psychological phenomena in everyday life, to analyze their reasons and possible consequences; the ability to evaluate independently the factors, facilitating and hindering efficient social interaction and to choose the optimal solution for the social-psychological problem.
Compulsory reading
1. Beck D., Covan C. Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change. Business&Economics, 2005. 362 p.
2. Drukers P. Efektīvs vadītājs. Jelgava: Zoldnera izdevniecība, 2011. 224 lpp.
3. Kassin S., Fein S., Markus H.R. Social Psychology. Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, 2010. 222 p. 4. Vorobjovs A. Sociālā psiholoģija. Rīga: Izglītības soļi, 2002. 340 lpp.
Further reading
1. Enkelmanis N. Harisma, personības profesionāli un personiski panākumi. Rīga: Madris, 2008. 182 lpp. Nav LLU FB.
2. Melbārde I. Es vienmēr zinu, ko vēlos. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2007. 154 lpp. 3. Pachter B. When the little things count. Cambridge, MA: Da Capo Press, 2006. 169 p.
Periodicals and other sources
1. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. [tiešsaiste]. ISSN 0022-3514 (print). ISSN 1939-1293 (online). [skatīts 31.05.2013.]. Pieejams EBSCO datubāzēs