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Course title Marine Products
Course code PārZ3061
Credit points 2
ECTS creditpoints 3
Total Hours in Course 32
Number of hours for lectures 16
Number of hours for seminars and practical classes 16
Date of course confirmation 12/10/2011
Responsible Unit
Course developers
Dr. sc. ing., doc. Viesturs Rozenbergs

There is no prerequisite knowledge required for this course
Course abstract
Study course gives a comprehensive picture of the various marine products and technologies. The course covers issues from various marine organisms in the classification, ecology and sustainable management issues ending with an insight into the fishing technology, processing and seafood cuisine. The course includes research questions and the industry outlook.
Learning outcomes and their assessment
After studying the course the student will
• knowledge and critical understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of marine products, production and consumption
• skills to formulate, critically evaluate and use the basic knowledge in practical work – to evaluate the quality and freshness • competence to make decisions regarding the use of seafood in food production and preparation of culinary products.
Compulsory reading
1. Bhakuni D.S. Rawat D.S. Bioactive Marine Natural Products. Springer, 2010. - 415 p.
2. Seafoods - Technology, Quality and Nutraceutical Applications. Springer, 2002. - 224 p.
3. Gusman J., Ingrum A. Wegetables from the Sea: Everyday Cooking with Sea Greens. William Morrow Cookbooks, 2003. - 144 p. 4. Rick`Steins Complete Seafood. Ten Speed Press, 2004. - 264 p.
Further reading
1. Marine Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods. CRC, 2007. 512 p. Pieejama elektroniski Taylor & Francis Group CRCnetBASE datubāzē.
Marine Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods. [tiešsaiste]. CRC, 2007. 512 p. [Skatīts 07.11.2011.]. Pieejams CRCnetBASE:
2. Marine Biotoxins. FAO, 2004,- 277 p. Pieejams: 3. Encyclopedia of Marine Natural Products. Willey-VCH, 2010. 1680 p.
Periodicals and other sources
1. Fisheries Research. [Tiešsaiste]. Published by Elsevier Science. ISSN: 0165-7836. [Skatīts 07.11.2011.]. Pieejams datubāzē Science Direct: 2. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. - Elsevier. [Tiešsaiste]. Published by Elsevier Science. ISSN (printed): 0272-7714. ISSN (electronic): 1096-0015. [Skatīts 07.11.2011.]. Pieejams datubāzē Science Direct: