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Course title Practice of Production Engineering Service
Course code MašZP022
Credit points 6
ECTS creditpoints 9
Total Hours in Course 240
Independent study hours 240
Date of course confirmation 07/02/2017
Responsible Unit Motor Vehicle Institute
Course developers
Dr. sc. ing., doc. Jānis Lāceklis-Bertmanis

There is no prerequisite knowledge required for this course
Course abstract
During the practice of production engineering service students learn more about work specifics of the chosen profiling speciality, company equipment, structure, tools and control system of CNC management and product specialisation, technological process and exactness of measurement providing.
Learning outcomes and their assessment
• Knowledge: in direction of personal, CNC working bench monitoring, the quality control system of products, work safety and protection of nature.
• Skills: to evaluate the technical parameter of metalworking machines, structure, necessary working tools and possibility of applying. • Competence: to choose and justify the working production bench conformity to production condition un volume of production as well as production economical appraisal in prognosis of earnings.
Compulsory reading
1. Avotiņš J. Konstrukciju materiālu tehnoloģija. 1.daļa. Metālu karstā apstrāde. Jelgava: LLU, 2000. 127 lpp. 2. Avotiņš J. Konstrukciju materiālu tehnoloģija. 2.daļa. Apstrāde griežot. Jelgava: LLU, 2001. 221 lpp. 3. Bunga L., Jonāns A. Aparātbūves un mašīnbūves tehnoloģijas pamati. Rīga: Zvaigzne, 1978. 350 lpp. 4. Bērenfelds V. Tehniskais minimums metālapstrādē. Rīga: Avots, 1989. 264 lpp.
Further reading
1. Metalworking: Tools and Techniques. Stan Bray. 2003. 176 p. 2. Metalworking Fluids. J. P. Byers. Taylor & Francis, 1994. 500 p. 3. Steel: A Handbook for Materials Research and Engineering. H.-E. Arntz ... [et al.]. Volume 1. Dusseldorf: Fundamentals Verlag Stahleisen, 1992. 737 p. 4. Steel: A. Handbook for Materials Research and Engineering. H.-E. Arntz ... [et al.]. Volume 2. Dusseldorf: Fundamentals Verlag Stahleisen, 1993. 839 p.