Course code Citi3058

Credit points 3

Methodology of Research

Total Hours in Course81

Number of hours for lectures24

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes8

Independent study hours49

Date of course confirmation27.02.2017

Responsible UnitInstitute of Forest Management

Course developers

author Augsnes un augu zinātņu institūts

Jānis Gailis

Dr. agr.

author prof.

Linards Sisenis

Dr. silv.

Course abstract

Objective of study course is to give basic knowledge on science and scientific institutions in Latvia as well as on meaning of science in economic sectors. Students also will get knowledge on methods for scientific research and structure of scientific paper for researches on labour safety and civil defence.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

• Knowledge on structure and organization of scientific work.
• Skills to choose and to define topic of their research, to study scientific literature, to choose and to apply appropriate methods for their research, to collect representative data, to do statistical analyses and conclusions without assistance.
• Competence to do scientific work without assistance.

Compulsory reading

1. Studiju noslēguma darbu struktūra un noformēšana: metodiskie norādījumi [tiešsaiste]. Sast. L.Sisenis, A. Ābele. Jelgava: LLU, 2015. 18 lpp. [Skatīts 16.03.2017.]. Pieejams:
2. Zinātniskās darbības likums. Pieņemts: 14.04.2005. Stājas spēkā: 19.05.2005. Pieejams:

Further reading

1. Nozares zinātniskie raksti, konferenču materiāli
2. Zinātnisko publikāciju datu bāzes