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Course title Automobile and Motor Theory II
Course code TraZ4029
Credit points 3
ECTS creditpoints 4.50
Total Hours in Course 120
Number of hours for lectures 24
Number of hours for seminars and practical classes 8
Number of hours for laboratory classes 16
Independent study hours 72
Date of course confirmation 06/09/2011
Responsible Unit Motor Vehicle Institute
Course developers
Dr. sc. ing., prof. Dainis Berjoza

There is no prerequisite knowledge required for this course
Course abstract
In this study course students acquire theoretical and practical skills in determination of automobile exploitation parameters. Estimation methods and experiential determination of dynamic of automobile, fuel consumption, braking, steerability and stability parameters practice with up-to-day technology possibilities is usable also for practical operations of engineering specialists.
Learning outcomes and their assessment
knowledge - The students acquire specific knowledge and their critical understanding in relation with automobile application characteristics, their correlations, methods of determination and analysis.
skills - Can apply practically methods of determination of automobile dynamics, braking, stability, steering, traction and consumption of fuel as well as analyse the experimentally obtained results. Can skillfully use different calculation methods for selection and comparison of power vehicles. competence - Can evaluate and analyse the automobile exploitation characteristics and select automobiles most suitable to the exploitation conditions that can be substantiated by calculations.
Compulsory reading
1. Berjoza D. Automobiļu teorija. Metodiskie norādījumi kursa darba izstrādei, uzdevumi un laboratorijas darbi. Jelgava: LLU 2007. 54 lpp.
2. Berjoza D. Automobiļu teorija. Mācību grāmata Jelgava: LLU 2008. 200 lpp. 3. Renner. G., Wimmer A. Kalkulation fur Kraftfahrzeugmeister. Deuchland: Europa- Lehrmittel, 2005. 176 p.
Further reading
1. Gerigk P. und andere. Kraftfahrzeugtechnik Tabellenbuch. Deuchland: Westermann, 2007. 465 p.
2. Bonnick A. Automotive Science and Mathematics. Amsterdam [etc.]: Elsevier. 2008. 241 p. 3. Automotive Handbook. 7-th edition. Plochingen: Robert Bosch GmbH, Bently publishers, 2007, 1196 p.