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Course title Mathematics III
Course code Mate2034
Credit points 3
ECTS creditpoints 4.50
Total Hours in Course 120
Number of hours for lectures 16
Number of hours for seminars and practical classes 32
Number of hours for laboratory classes 8
Independent study hours 64
Date of course confirmation 19/02/2014
Responsible Unit Department of Mathematics
Course developers
Dr. paed., prof. Anda Zeidmane
Dr. math., asoc. prof. Natālija Sergejeva

Prior knowledge
Mate1029, Mathematics I
Mate1030, Mathematics II
Course abstract
Studying the course, students acquire the mathematical knowledge of complex number, first and second order ordinary differential equations, numerical series and series of function, double integrals and tripple integrals. Studying the course, students acquire skills to solve different problems analytic and using software "MathCad".
Learning outcomes and their assessment
• knowledge of complex numbers, types of first and second order ordinary differential equations and its solving methods, numerical series and series of function, double integral and triple integral and its applications;
• skills add, subtract, multiply and divide the complex numbers in different forms, solve first and second order ordinary differential equations, use the Maclaurin and Taylor series to evaluate function, integrals and differential equations, calculate double integrals and tripple integrals, use integrals to calculate area of plane figures, volume, the center of gravity; • competence of mathematical thinking, of handle symbols and formal mathematics language, of mathematical problem formulating and solving, of reasoning, of modeling, of aids and tools and of communication.
Compulsory reading
1. Kronbergs E., Rivža P., Bože Dz. Augstākā matemātika. I daļa. Rīga: Zvaigzne, 1988. 534 lpp.
2. Volodko I. Augstākā matemātika. II daļa. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2007. 294 lpp. 3. Uzdevumu krājums augstākajā matemātikā. Dz.Bože, L.Biezā, B.Siliņa, A.Strence. Rīga: Zvaigzne, 2001. 332 lpp.
Further reading
1. Šteiners K. Augstākā matemātika. V daļa. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2000. 131 lpp.
2. Šteiners K. Augstākā matemātika. VI daļa. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2001. 208 lpp. 3. Siliņa B., Šteiners K. Rokasgrāmata matemātikā. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2006. 367 lpp.