Course code MākZ3017

Credit points 3

Culture and Art I

Total Hours in Course120

Number of hours for lectures24

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes24

Date of course confirmation21.05.2013

Responsible UnitInstitute of Education and Home Economics

Course developers

author lect.

Silvija Reihmane

Mg. paed.

author lect.

Ligita Ozolniece

Mg. paed.

author lect.

Guna Gaiķe

Mg. paed.

Course abstract

Arts and cultural development over time from primitive cultures to the XXI century, and main directions of art in various stages of human development, costume history and it`s stages of development and modern dress code. Students are involved in artistic and cultural value of research, evaluation and identification. Acting individually and in pairs in the work of students acquire new knowledges and skills to further the operation of life in today's multicultural society.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

• Knowledge - an understanding of cultural and artistic development, the major artistic styles at different stages of human development.
• Skills - to analyze, compare, explain and evaluate the cultural and artistic style differences, and work groups and demonstrate IT skills of independent work on the development, appreciation of cultural arts and science in intellectually rich, creative, competitive and harmonious personality development, art style of reviewing.
• Competence - the ability to define and explain the cultural and arts related terms, the ability to independently use the knowledge, skills and guides illustrative matter pedagogical activity, ability to work in a group active in making their contribution to the group solution development, ability to provide clear and sound presentation.

Compulsory reading

1. Blūma D., Gorkins N. Pasaules kultūras vēsture. Rīga: Pētergailis, 2003. 198 lpp.
2. Cielava Sk. Vispārīgā mākslas vēsture 1., 2., 3., 4.daļa. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 1998., 1999., 2002., 2004.
3. Gorkins N., Blūma D. Latvijas kultūras vēsture. Rīga: Pētergailis, 2002. 89 lpp.
4. Kačalova T., Pētersons R. Mākslas vēstures pamati. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2005. 432 lpp.

Further reading

1. Blūma D. Mazā mākslas vēstures terminu vārdnīca. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, [2005.]. 225 lpp.
2. Karasā P.F.R. Mākslas enciklopēdija. Glezniecības virzieni. Rīga: Jumava, 2002. 239 lpp.
3. Parute E. Stila un modes enciklopēdija. Rīga: Jumava, 2010. 582 lpp.

Periodicals and other sources

1. Izglītība un Kultūra: Latvijas Republikas nedēļas laikraksts. Rīga : Izglītība. ISSN 1407-4036.
2. Žurnāls "Deko": dārzs, būvniecība, dizains, interjers. Rīga: Žurnāls Santa. ISSN 1407-7027.
3. Žurnāls "Pastaiga" : modes un stila žurnāls. Rīga: Pastaiga. ISSN 1407-3277.