Course code VidZD015

Credit points 5

Research IV

Total Hours in Course200

Independent study hours200

Date of course confirmation11.09.2019

Responsible UnitDepartment of Environmental Engineering and Water Management

Course developer

author prof.

Ritvars Sudārs

Dr. sc. ing.

Prior knowledge

VidZD014, Research III

Course abstract

The course is intended for carrying out research work according to the research plan, summarizing and analyzing the obtained results. The collection and processing of scientific information related to specific studies will continue, and the research methodology section of the doctoral thesis will be completed.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

- student is familiar with research methodology;
- has acquired basic knowledge in research.
Evaluation - in-depth analysis of the methods used in the research.
- is able to conduct research in a planned and independent manner;
- critically evaluates the relevance of the research methodology and results.
Evaluation - analysis of the research process.
- Conducts independent research, analyzes the research methodology and the reliability of the obtained results.
Evaluation - discussion with the supervisor.

Course Content(Calendar)

Doctoral student independently:
1. Conducts studies in accordance with the timetable.
2. Accumulates, summarizes the obtained research results.
3. Preprocesses and analyzes the obtained results.
4. Creates a draft of the dissertation methodology section.

5. Submits the research results obtained to the supervisor.

Requirements for awarding credit points

Discussion about the results of the research and the dissertation methodology with the supervisor.

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

The doctoral student independently conducts research, works on the methodology part of the doctoral thesis, and if necessary, consults with the supervisor.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

The methodological part of the doctoral thesis has been established; the research results have been processed and analyzed. The number of scientific literature sources has been supplemented as necessary.

Compulsory reading

Promocijas padomē iesniedzamā zinātniskā darba tehniskā noformējuma noteikumi:
Rules of technical presentation for scientific work to be submitted to the Doctoral Council:

Literatūras avoti atbilstoši promocijas darba tematikai izvēlētajā zinātnes apakšnozarē.

Literature sources according to the theme of the doctoral thesis in the chosen branch of science.


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