Course code PārZ3075

Credit points 4

Production Organization and Management

Additional course materials PārZ3075_Catering_Hotel_Management.pdf

Total Hours in Course160

Number of hours for lectures24

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes40

Independent study hours96

Date of course confirmation16.02.2016

Responsible UnitUztura katedra

Course developer


Ingrīda Millere

Dr. oec.

Prior knowledge

PārZ2006, Microbiology and Hygiene II

PārZ2052, Hospitality Businesses

PārZ2057, Technology of Food Preparation I

PārZ2058, Technology of Food Preparation II

PārZ3024, Technological Equipment II

Course abstract

The course of study acquires understanding of the production processes outlining in catering businesses. It provides knowledge of the food production of technological processes in the catering businesses and the influencing factors, production planning and organizational principles.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

knowledge - know and can use professional terminology in at least two foreign languages; an understanding of the general hygiene requirements for food business in accordance to applicable laws and regulations; as well as knowledge of the work organization in catering companies – 3 tests; skills - know how to integrate the knowledge, know how to analyze and organize the production processes according to the catering company's specific; understand the interconnectivity in the catering business; know how to navigate in the regulatory legislative requirements for the catering companies – paper, practical works (in lecture room); competences – can produce technological project for a catering enterprise, which includes the development of technological production processes, choice of equipment and calculations made based on graphical representation of the technological processes; are able to present and justify the selected process according to the catering company's business specifics – students` independent work.

Course Content(Calendar)

1. Menu structure and types, menu planning – 8h
2. Production processes outlining in catering companies – 8 h
1.test: Structure of production processes in catering companies
3. Raw stuff purchase and storage – 8 h
4. Food and drinks production: planning, production plans, productione methods – 8 h
2.test: Food and drinks production planning
5. Organization of work in production zone (preprocessing rooms, final processing rooms) – 20 h
3.test: Organization of work in production zone
6. Auxiliary processes planning in catering companies (personnel room, sanitary spaces, administrative premises) – 4 h
7. Flow principle in technological processes – 4 h
8. Content of technological design. Basic principles of designing – 4 h

Requirements for awarding credit points

Test with grade. To pass the study course student: pass 3 tests; write and present paper; submit independent work

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Independent work: developing of menu and corresponding technological cards (submit electronically)
Menu comply with course paper theme.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

The final course grade consists of: tests – 50%; paper – 20%; independent work – 30%

Compulsory reading

1. Baraban R.S. Durocher J.F. Successful restaurant design. 3rd ed. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2010. 304 p.
2. Lynn J. Start your own restaurant and more: pizzeria, coffeehouse, deli, bakery, catering business. Irvine, Calif: Entrepreneur Press, 2009. 274 p.
3. Rokasgrāmata ēdināšanas uzņēmumu vadītājiem I. Millere, L. Medne, R.Riekstiņa-Dolģe u.c. Sastādījusi I. Millere. Jelgava: Latvijas Lauksaimniecības universitāte, 2007. 176 lpp.
4. Walker J. R. The restaurant: from concept to operation. 6th ed. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2011. 557 p.

Further reading

1. Blija A., Īriste S., Zepa I. Higiēnas praktikums ēdināšanas uzņēmumiem. Jelgava: Latvijas Lauksaimniecības universitāte, 2007. 79 lpp.
2. Ruciņš M. Sabiedriskās ēdināšanas uzņēmumu iekārtas. Mācību līdzeklis. Jelgava:LLU, 2001. 918 lpp.
3. Shock P.J., Sgovio C., Stefanelli J.M. On premise catering: hotels, convention centers, arenas, clubs and more. 2nd ed. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley&Sons, 2011. 484 p.

Periodicals and other sources



Catering and Hotel Management,
Level 3