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Course title Professional Foreign Language I
Course code ValoP097
Credit points 2
ECTS creditpoints 3
Total Hours in Course 80
There is no prerequisite knowledge required for this course
Course abstract
The course is aimed at the acquisition of knowledge and skills in professional foreign language studies with the purpose of extending the students professional qualifications and improving the student’s communication skills with foreign students and specialists. The programme envisages the mastering of language skills in various forms and levels of communication.
Compulsory reading
1. G.Hughes, Understanding crime prevention. Social Control, Risk and Late Modernity. OUP. UK, 1998, 192p
2. G.Delanty. Social Science., OUP (Independent international publisher) UK, 1997. 176p
3. Europa in 100 Stichworten. - Berlin, Presse und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung, 2000.- 222 S. 4. Giddens A., 1984.The Constitution of Society: Outline of the theory of structuration. Cambridge: Polity Press.
Further reading
1. Abercrombie N., Hill S., Turner B. S., 1999. The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology. Moskva: “Ekonomika” 428 pp.
2. Parsons T. (ed.), 1968. American Sociology: Perspectives, problems, methods. New York: Basic Books .
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Periodicals and other sources
1. Нюстром Д.В.,Дэвид К.,2000,Организационное поведение. Поведение человека на рабочем месте.Санкт-Петербург:Питер.
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