Course code TraZP010

Credit points 9

Technologycal Professional Practice

Total Hours in Course243

Independent study hours243

Date of course confirmation07.02.2017

Responsible UnitInstitute of Engineering and Energetics

Course developer

author Inženiertehnikas un enerģētikas institūts

Vilnis Pīrs

Dr. sc. ing.

Course abstract

The aim of the study course is to acquire practical skills at work in companies, and institutions etc., whose activities are related to road transport. Student-trainee is assigned to the position of enterprise (driver, automotive mechanic, manager, mechanic etc.) in order by superior and complies with all regulations of an establishment. During practice students acquire practical skills in exploitation, maintenance and repair of ground motor vehicles. Trainee acquire facilities and application basis of various equipment of service; get acquainted with structure and operation of enterprise.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Knowledge - is able to demonstrate basic knowledge in the construction and operation of vehicle units and systems. Recognizes various vehicle repair and maintenance methods. Assessment - according to the practice report and the practice manager's feedback.
Skills - is able to independently perform simple vehicle repair and maintenance work. Can use simple service equipment and hardware. Assesment - according to the practice report and the practice manager's feedback.
Сompetence - is able to independently or partially independently perform the assigned tasks. Able to take responsibility for tasks. Able to adapt their knowledge and skills to perform tasks. Assesment - according to the practice report and the practice manager's feedback.
The practice is evaluated with a mark.

Course Content(Calendar)

1. Company, firm, institution, etc. organizational structure and operation, occupational safety regulations in the company.
2. Service equipment and facilities, their construction, operation and operational requirements and regulations.
3. Basic principles of construction and operation of vehicles, performance of their assembly and disassembly works.
4. Maintenance of vehicles and their elements, preparation for work, storage.
5. Evaluation and diagnostics of technical condition of vehicles and their elements.

6. Insight into the company's work organization, work responsibilities planning, distribution and performance.

Requirements for awarding credit points

Returning from the professional practice of the faculty, must have a practice report, during the week it should be submitted to practice manager and two weeks to defend. The reference of the student's internship supervisor must be submitted, a signed internship agreement must be submitted. Practice with a mark.

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

During the practice student preparing a report - an overview of the practice and business practices during the work carried out. Practice report shall include a section to practice the company's overall characteristics, scope, customer characteristics, service facilities and equipment characteristics, as well as a detailed overview of the practice during the actions taken and lessons learned.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

The practice is evaluated on a scale after practice performance reporting completeness and quality, supervisor reviews and, if necessary, after the trainee set out on the practice course of negotiations manner.

Compulsory reading

1. Miķelsons Z., Pīrs V. Spēkratu konstrukcijas. Jelgava: LLU, 2008. 80 lpp.
2. Berjoza D., Tupiņš J. Spēkratu diagnostika. Jelgava: LLU, 2007. 220 lpp.

3. Galoburda A. Automobiļu remonts. Jelgava: LLU, 2008. 239 lpp.

Further reading

1. Fisher R. and others Modern Automotive Technology, Fundamentals, service, diagnostics. Haan-Gruiten, Germany : Verl.: Europa - Lehrmittel, 2006. 688 p.

2. Ķirsis M. Spēkratu ekspluatācijas materiāli. Jelgava, LLU, 2007. 200 lpp.


Compulsory: TF academic bachelor study program Agricultural Engineering sub-program Road transport in full-time and part-time studies