Course code MatZP010

Credit points 3

Production of Sawn Timber

Total Hours in Course81

Independent study hours81

Date of course confirmation05.01.2016

Responsible UnitInstitute of Civil Engineering and Wood Processing

Course developer

author Būvniecības un kokapstrādes institūts

Andis Ābele

Dr. sc. ing.

Prior knowledge

MatZ1004, Metrology and Standardisation

MatZ2035, Wood Cutting Processes

MatZ2036, Wood Science

MatZ3018, Wood Commoditis Science

MatZ3028, Wood Processing Machinery and Tools

Replaced courses

MatZP030 [GMTRP030] Production of Sawn Timber I

MatZP031 [GMTRP031] Production of Sawn Timber II

Course abstract

One of the task of the study practice is to improve competence about sawmills technologies and equipments by making experimental sawing schedules and producing lumbers as well as assessing quality of lumber according to the quality grades. Other task of the study practice is to visit in the sawmill enterprises and to acquaintance of lumber production technologies by making the analysis of its. View of enterprises promotes a practical understanding of different lumber production technologies and equipment what is used in the lumber production process.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Knowledge - to explain terminology of the sawmill industry and to understand the technologies used in sawmills.
Assessment - laboratory works.
Skills - to measure the dimensions of sawlogs and sawn timber, and to perform calculations of sawlogs sawing schedules.
Assessment - laboratory works.
Competence - to organize processes of sawmill according to predefined requirements and to analyze processes in sawmills.
Assessment - laboratory works.

Course Content(Calendar)

1. Calculation and compilation of sawlog sawing schedule, sawlog sawing, sawn timbers measurement and grading (independent works 40 h)
2. Visiting in the sawmills and analysis of production technologies (independent works 40 h)

Requirements for awarding credit points

Laboratory works must be developed, submitted for evaluation and validated.

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Dimension measurement, calculation and compilation of sawing schedule and sawing of one sawlog, and measurement of obtained sawn timbers, and analysis of results must be performed by each student in laboratory works. Visiting in sawmills and analyze of their production technologies must be performed by each student in laboratory works. Students submit analyze of production technologies of sawmills only in an electronic form on the website of the e-studies of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

All tasks and answers to the questions of the leading academic stuff of the laboratory works regarding study plan must be carried. The assessment is based on the number of completed tasks and relevance and answers to questions.

Compulsory reading

1. Kozuliņš V., Tuherms H. Koksnes pirmapstrāde. Jelgava: Kokapstrādes tehnoloģijas centrs, 2004. 210 lpp.
2. Līpiņš L., Liepa I. Apaļo kokmateriālu uzmērīšana. Latgales druka, 2007. 104 lpp.
3. Mooslechner W. Winterholz. Salzburg-München: Pustet, Anton Verlag, 2009. 136 s.

Further reading

1. Kozuliņš V. Zāģmateriālu ražošanas tehnoloģija. Jelgava: LLU, 1998. 31 lpp.
2. Meža nozares termini. Rīga: Tulkošanas un terminoloģijas centrs, 2007. 152 lpp.

Periodicals and other sources

1. Baltijas Koks. Latvija, Balti Group SIA,ISSN 1407-6667.
2. Holz-Zentralblatt: ISSN: 0018-3792
3. Timber Trade Journal: ISSN 1740-701X.


The study practice is included in the compulsory part of the professional higher education study program Wood Processing realized by Forest Faculty.