Course code MežZ5041

Credit points 3

Qualimetry of Timber

Total Hours in Course81

Number of hours for lectures20

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes12

Independent study hours49

Date of course confirmation30.03.2021

Responsible UnitInstitute of Forest Management

Course developers


Leonards Līpiņš

Dr. sc. ing.

author lect.

Jānis Magaznieks

Mg. sc. ing.

Course abstract

Students learn measurement accuracy influencing factors related to whole trees and round timber assortment measurements as well as qualitative assessments of round timber assortments extending it to the prices. Students get an Idea of wood thermal decomposition, and indication of chemical staining method on deciduous and coniferous woods, wood electron, wood biodegradation, biodefence and fire protection, wood chips quality assessment as well as the production of biofuels.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

After completing the course student will have:
• Knowledge about whole trees and round timber assortment measurement and its automation and accuracy;
Knowledge about wood microstructure, wood thermal decomposition, bio and fire protection, wood fiber properties;
• Skills for usage of chemical indications method for sorting deciduous and coniferous wood, wood bio and fire resistance testing, round timber assortment volume and quality determination.
• Competence in researching wood structure and properties by selecting the most appropriate methods

Course Content(Calendar)

1 The concept and tasks of wood qualimetry (1h-lecture)
2 Qualitative assessment of growing trees (1h-lecture)
3 Volumetric determination of round timber (1h lecture), Automated volumetric determination of round timber (4h- practice work)
4 Factors influencing individual volume determination accuracy (2h-lecture)
5 Factors influencing the accuracy of group volume determination (1h-lecture)
6 Qualitative evaluation of round timber (2h-lecture), (4h- practice work)
7 Changes in the quality of round timber during storage (2h-lecture)
8 EN Structure of the Institute of Wood Chemistry and topics of scientific works to be solved (1h-lecture) 9 Thermal decomposition of wood (1h-lecture)
10 Indication of deciduous and coniferous wood by chemical staining method (1h-lecture)
11 Wood electromicroscopy (1h-lecture)
12 Wood biodegradation and biosecurity (2h-lecture)
13 Wood fiber insulation materials (1h-lecture)
14 Biofuel production using wood raw material (2h-lecture)
15 Energy chips quality assessment (2h- practice work)
16 Wood fire resistance and fire protection (2h-practice work)

Requirements for awarding credit points

Written exam on the issues covered in the study course.

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Applied studies on course topics.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

Criteria for evaluation of study results Developed practical work and passed the exam.

Compulsory reading

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Further reading

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Periodicals and other sources

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2. Žurnāls "Baltijas Koks" ISSN 1407-6667
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The study course is included in the compulsory part of the higher education master's study program "Forest Science" in full-time studies.