Course code LauZ6009

Credit points 25

Master Thesis

Total Hours in Course1000

Independent study hours1000

Date of course confirmation25.03.2021

Responsible UnitInstitute of Soil and Plant Science

Course developer

author reserch

Biruta Bankina

Dr. biol.

Course abstract

Themes of Master thesis paper are formulated considering direction in which the student profiles (horticulture, crop science, animal science, and business management in agriculture).

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Students have obtained in-depth knowledge in their chosen narrow field of specialization related to the topic of their Master Thesis.
Students are able to analyse the literature and summarize obtained data, linking them with the current results of investigations. Students are able to critically evaluate scientific papers and creatively integrate obtained knowledge in their own study.

Students are able to debate novel ideas and hypotheses and substantiate their conclusions.

Course Content(Calendar)

1. Selection of the Master Thesis theme and supervisor, the identification and definition of the topicality of the theme. 20 h
2. Formulation of the Master Thesis aim and tasks, preparation of the work’s plan. 20 h
3. Literature studies. 120 h
4. Elaboration of study methods. 80 h
5. Literature studies, and preparation of the literature review, preparation of the literature review presentation, and its defence. 200 h
6. Performance of experiments and/or observations, processing and interpretation of obtained data. 360 h
7. Preparation of the Master Thesis. 160 h

8. Preparation of the Master Thesis presentation, and its defence. 40 ha

Requirements for awarding credit points

The Master Thesis should be submitted and defended.

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Preparation of the Master Thesis.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

Master Thesis is submitted and defended.

Compulsory reading

Kārkliņš A., Kreišmane Dz. (2020) Studiju darba izpilde un noformējums. 6. pildinātais un pārstrādātais izdevums. Jelgava: LLU. 69 lpp. Pieejams:

Further reading

Atkarībā no izvēlētās maģistra darba tēmas

Depending on the chosen theme of research

Periodicals and other sources

Atkarībā no izvēlētās maģistra darba tēmas tēmas
Depending on the chosen theme of research