Course code Citi3046

Credit points 1.50

Ergonomics at Work I

Total Hours in Course40

Number of hours for lectures8

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes8

Independent study hours24

Responsible UnitInstitute of Forest Management

Course developers


Anda Zvīgule

Mg. paed.

author prof.

Linards Sisenis

Dr. silv.

Replaced course

CitiM001 [GCITM001] Ergonomics at Work I

Course abstract

Ergonomics as a science, its types and dimensions. Ergonomic workplace and ergonomic risks, their recognition. Load, cognitive and organizational ergonomics. Link of human factor with organizations goals and operational efficiency. Human - machine – environment, model from ergonomic perspective. Physical and psycho-emotional load assessment in correlation with fatigue and work ability index. Compliance wit ergonomical principles when reconstructing, modernizing and equipping workplaces. Micro- and MacroErgonomics from organizational culture perspective. Company ergonomics as the art of strategic management of human resources.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

After completing the course the student will have:
• knowledge and critical understanding of ergonomics place and role within the institutions and operations of enterprises;
• skills to formulate and recognize the ergonomic risks, to create ergonomic evaluation of workplaces in a company or institution,
• competence in assessing employees ability of work in accordance with ergonomic requirements, linking the human factor with the organization's objectives and performance efficiency.

Compulsory reading

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2. Ergonomika darbā. Rīga: Labklājības ministrija, 2010. 191 lpp.
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Further reading

1. Psihosociālā darba vide. Rīga, Labklājības ministrija, 2010. – 157 lpp.
2. Eglīte M. Darba medicīna. Rīga, RSU, 2012. – 834 lpp
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Periodicals and other sources

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