Course code BūvZ5032

Credit points 3

Geodesic Instruments

Total Hours in Course120

Number of hours for lectures24

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes24

Date of course confirmation22.05.2013

Responsible UnitDepartment of Land Management and Geodesy

Course developers

author prof.

Armands Celms

Dr. sc. ing.


Maigonis Kronbergs

Mg. sc. ing.

Course abstract

Optics in geodesic instruments. Telescopes and microscopes of geodesic instruments. Linear and circular scales, their reading instruments. Levels and grade compensators. Systems of axis. Devises for fastening, managing and reduction. Theodolites, levels, tachymeters and electrooptical distancers. Regulations for maintenanse, storage and transport of geodesic instruments. Possible damage of the instruments.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

• Knowledge and understanding of theoretical and spherical geodetic fundamental guidelines, Earth and cosmic space interactions;
• skills to make different kinds of calculations of various the Earth's and cosmic space geodetic parameters and assess the accuracy of measurements;
• competence to organize different types of geodetic calculations on the theoretical and spherical geodetic of national geodetic space.

Compulsory reading

1. Ģeodēzija. U. Zumenta redakcijā. Rīga: VA LĢIA, 2007. 262 lpp.
2. Bhavikatti S.S. Surveying and Levelling: Volume II. New Delhi: IK International Publishing House. 2009. 416 p.
3. I, II un III klases nivelēšanas instrukcija. / Sast. LLU Ģeodēzijas katedra. – Rīga: VZD, 2000; apstiprināta 2001.g. 25.janvārī