Course code Psih6001

Credit points 3

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Total Hours in Course81

Number of hours for lectures16

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes16

Independent study hours49

Date of course confirmation21.05.2013

Responsible UnitInstitute of Mechanics and Design

Course developers


Regīna Baltušīte

Dr. paed.


Ludis Pēks

Dr. paed.

Course abstract

Within the study course, the students acquire the history of the development and the basic principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The students are introduced to the basic techniques and their application for the personality’s development and professional activities (identification if resources, achievement of goals, peculiarities of the perception of the themes to be studied, dealing with stressful situations etc.).

Learning outcomes and their assessment

The students acquire:
• knowledge of the basic assumptions and techniques of NLP;
• they can identify the peculiarities of the personality’s world perception and to use it within the study process;
• competence – the students are able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills within the study process for the activation of personality’s resources.

Compulsory reading

1. Spohrer K. E. Teaching NLP in the classroom: ideas in action. London; New York: Continuum, 2007. 100 p.
2. Ķirse A. Treniņuzdevumi un tehnikas neirolingvālajā programmēšanā. Jelgava: LLU, 2006. 70 lpp.
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4. Melbārde I. Es vienmēr zinu, ko es vēlos. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2007. 154 lpp.

Further reading

1. Tosey P., Mathison J. Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming Centre for Management Learning & Development, School of Management, University of Surrey, 2006. 212 p.
2. Гинзбург М., Яковлева Е. Эриксоновский гипноз: систематический курс. Москва: Московский психолого – социальный институт, 2008. 312с.
3. Бакиров А. НЛП: люди, которые играют роли. Санкт Петербург: Питер, 2002. 192 с.

Periodicals and other sources

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