Course code Ekon4078

Credit points 3

Business Planning and Statistics I

Total Hours in Course81

Number of hours for lectures16

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes16

Independent study hours49

Date of course confirmation16.02.2016

Responsible UnitInstitute of Land Management and Geodesy

Course developer


Linda Medne

Dr. oec.

Prior knowledge

Ekon2017, Accounting II

Ekon3120, Marketing

PārZ3066, Production Organization

VadZ3058, Basics of Entrepreneurship

Course abstract

The studies course considers the main issues of planning methodology. Students acquire knowledge necessary for business planning in restaurant and hotel industry – do market research, planning of production and promotion, revenue and cost, accounting, the calculation profit threshold and selling price, risk analysis.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

after studying the course the student will has:
• knowledge about theoretical and practical aspects of a business planning in the restaurant and hotel industry, including prediction, development of a business plan, determination of the company's stability, solvency and growth potential;
• the skills to apply theoretical knowledge for the market analysis and to choose the methods of the market research for obtaining rational and effective information, for systematization and business planning, for evaluation of the company`s economic performance, stability, solvency and for evaluation of development,
to integrate the obtained knowledge in the calculation of budget of incomes and expenditures on the basis of the previous year financial statement or to draw up the plan of incomes and expenditures for a hospitality company;
• to implement the analysis of the hotel and restaurant economic and financial indicators, to determine the market development trends and affecting factors.

Compulsory reading

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4. Rurāne M.Uzņēmējdarbības organizācija un plānošana. Rīga : Biznesa augstskola Turība, 2002. 330 lpp.

Further reading

1. Lynn J. Start Your Own Restaurant and more. Irvine, Calif.: Entrepreneur Press, 2009. 274 lpp.
2. Kotlers F. Kotlers par mārketingu: kā radīt, iekarot tirgu un dominēt tajā. Tulk. no angļu val. Rīga : Lietišķās informācijas dienests, 2007. 269 lpp.
3. Walker J. R. The restaurant: from concept to operation. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2007. 493 lpp.
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Periodicals and other sources

1. Kapitāls: krāsains biznesa un ekonomikas žurnāls. Rīga: Lietišķās informācijas dienests. ISSN 1407-2505
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