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Kоличество часов лекций12

Kоличество часов семинаров и практических занятий24

Количество часов самостоятельной работы студента84

Дата утвеждения курса10.03.2021

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Lilita Ozola

Предварительные знания


Учебная литературa

1. Timber Engineering. Edited by S. Thelandersson, H. J. Larsen. Chichester etc.: John Wiley & Son, 2003. 446 p.
2. Materials and joints in timber structures: recent developments of technology/ editors Simon Aicher, H.-W. Reinhardt, Harald Garrecht. New York: Springer, 2014.- 839 p.

Дополнительная литература

Timber construction manual /American Institute of Timber Construction. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley, 2012. 648 p. Smith, Ian. Use of timber in tall multi-storey buildings / [authors : Ian Smith, Andrea Frangi; with contribution from: G.C.Foliente.. et al.].- Zürich : International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, ©2014. - 178, [1] lpp. Guideline - design for robustness of timber structures : COST action E55 "Modelling of the performance of timber structures"/ editors: J. D. Sørensen... [et al.]; European Science Foundation. - Aachen : Shaker Verlag, 2011.- 146 lpp. Proceedings of WCTE ... (World Conference on Timber Engineering)

Периодика и другие источники информации

1. Bauen mit Holz. ISSN: 0005-6545 2. The Structural Engineer. London: The institution of structural engineers. ISSN 1466-5123