Course code MašZ4039

Credit points 3

Tolerances ans Standartization

Total Hours in Course120

Number of hours for lectures16

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes32

Independent study hours72

Date of course confirmation05.01.2016

Responsible UnitMotor Vehicle Institute

Course developer

author Spēkratu institūts

Antoņina Čukure

Dr. sc. ing.

Replaced course

MašZ4047 [GMAS4048] Metrology and Tolerances II

Course abstract

Students get acquainted with the fundamental conceptions according to international standards, with the ISO, EN and LV standards and terminology, with the quality theoretical characteristic, with the quality of surface. They obtain knowledge about the united structural conception of fits and tolerances system, principal terms of mating machine members, calculation and selection of fits. Students acquire the tolerances for bearing, for angular and conical dimensions, the tolerances and fits for machine parts mated gears, worm - gears, keys, slots etc.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Knowledge - about meaning of interactive convertibility in engineering science and basic general conception of it according to international standard.
Skills - to use acquired knowledge in execution of composed drawing and details.
Competence - to avail acquired knowledge and skills in creation, designing and manufacturing in anyone machine designing branch.

Compulsory reading

1. Šīrons E. Tehniskie mērījumi. Rīga: Rīgas TU, 1993. 618 lpp.
2. Savstarpējā apmaināmība, standartizācija un tehniskie mērījumi: Metodiskie norādījumi laboratorijas darbiem. LLU. Sast. A. Čukure, J. Čukurs. Jelgava, 2000. 78 lpp.
3. Šīrons E. Detaļu ģeometrisko parametru mērīšana. Rīga: RTU, 2007. 344 lpp.
4. Šīrons E. Vispārīgās metroloģijas pamatkurss. RIga.: RTU, 2008. 242 lpp.

Further reading

1. Tehniskie mērījumi: Laboratorijas darbu žurnāl.s. LLU. Sast. A. Čukure, G. Aizsils, I. Dukulis. Jelgava, 2001. 20 lpp.
2. Savstarpējā apmaināmība, standartizācija un tehniskie mērījumi: Metodiskie norādījumi kursa darbu izpildei. LLU. Sast. A. Čukure, I. Dukulis. Jelgava, 1991. 67 lpp.
3. Falk D., Krauze P., Tildt G. Metalltehnik. Tabellen. Braunschweig: GmbH. 2006. 415 S.

Periodicals and other sources

1. Kvalitāte: žurnāls par kvalitāti un kvalitātes vadīšanu. Rīga: Latvijas Kvalitātes asociācija. ISSN 1407-7671.