Course code JurZ3035

Credit points 2

Normative Documents for Experts

Total Hours in Course80

Number of hours for lectures16

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes16

Independent study hours48

Date of course confirmation17.02.2015

Responsible UnitMotor Vehicle Institute

Course developer

author Spēkratu institūts

Ruslans Šmigins

Dr. sc. ing.

Course abstract

The students will get acquainted with legislation norms related to power vehicles, their certification, and operation as well as insurance and expert activities. Complete acquisition of the course will ensure successful development of the course paper Power vehicle expertise as well as the field practice and other course papers.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

• Acquires legislation norms related to power vehicles, certification, and operation evaluating technical condition and equipment according to legislation norms of Republic of Latvia – Independent work No. 1
• Capable to define and analyse incompliances of vehicles according to legislation norms, fortify their position and integrate their knowledge into other fields and further studies – Independent work No. 2

Course Content(Calendar)

1. The Law on Civil Insurance of Road Vehicles.
2. The Road Law.
3. Rules for road safety audit.
4. The Road Transport Law.
5. The Road Traffic Act.
6. Criminal law.
7. Rules on large and heavy transport.
8. Regulations regarding State roadworthiness testing and technical control of vehicles on the road.
9. Classification of wheeled vehicles, category definitions and determination criteria.
10. Law on the management of end-of-life vehicles.
11. The law of the insurance contract.
12. The Law on Mandatory Insurance of Civil Liability of Owners of Road Vehicles.
13. Rules for the assessment of wheel vehicles and their components.
14. Procedures for Assessment of tractors, trailers and their components for agricultural or forestry use
15. Law of technical experts.
16. Civil law.

Requirements for awarding credit points

Accumulative overall test with a grade.
Independent works created and defended.

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Preparation for seminars: analysis of regulatory frameworks, independent study of different situations.
1. independent work. Assessment of the conformity of the car with the Regulation No 295 “Regulations on national roadworthiness testing and roadside inspections of vehicles” (volume at least 3 pages, submitted electronically).
2. independent work. Analysis of the situation under the Law on Mandatory Insurance for Civil Liability of Owners of Road Vehicles (volume at least 3 pages, submitted electronically).

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

The overall assessment of the study course depends on the evaluation of the independent works. The tasks of independent works will be evaluated in accordance with the prescribed evaluation procedures. Positive mark (at least 4) must be obtained for each independent work. The final grade of the study course will be calculated as the arithmetic mean of the two independent works.

Compulsory reading

1. Sauszemes transportlīdzekļu īpašnieku civiltiesiskās atbildības obligātās apdrošināšanas likums [tiešsaiste]: LR likums [tiešsaiste]. Pieņemts 07.04.2004. Stājas spēkā 01.05.2004. [Skatīts 22.12.2018.]. Pieejams: 2. Noteikumi par transportlīdzekļu valsts tehnisko apskati un tehnisko kontroli uz ceļa [tiešsaiste]: Ministru kabineta noteikumi Nr. 295 [tiešsaiste]. Pieņemts 30.05.2017. Stājas spēkā 01.03.2018. [Skatīts 22.12.2018.]. Pieejams: 3. Autopārvadājumu likums [tiešsaiste]: LR likums. Pieņemts 23.08.1995. Stājas spēkā 26.09.1995. [Skatīts 22.12.2018.]. Pieejams: 4. Tiesu ekspertu likums [tiešsaiste]: LR likums. Pieņemts 11.02.2016. Stājas spēkā 15.03.2016. [Skatīts 22.12.2018.]. Pieejams:

Further reading

1. Ceļu satiksmes likums [tiešsaiste]: LR likums. Pieņemts 01.10.1997. Stājas spēkā 04.11.1997. [Skatīts 22.12.2018.]. Pieejams: 2. Apdrošināšanas līguma likums [tiešsaiste]: LR likums. Pieņemts 03.05.2018. Stājas spēkā 01.06.2018. [Skatīts 22.12.2018.]. Pieejams: 3. Krimināllikums [tiešsaiste]: LR likums. Pieņemts 17.06.1998. Stājas spēkā 01.04.1999. [Skatīts 22.12.2018.]. Pieejams:

Periodicals and other sources

1. Latvijas Vēstnesis. ISSN 1407-0405. Pieejams: 2. Jurista Vārds. ISSN 1691-2462. Pieejams:


First level proferssional higher education study program “Technical expert”