Course code HidZ3026

Credit points 2

Forest Melioration

Total Hours in Course80

Independent study hours80

Date of course confirmation20.02.2013

Responsible UnitDepartment of Environmental Engineering and Water Management

Course developers

author Vides un ūdenssaimniecības katedra

Artūrs Veinbergs

Mg. sc. ing.

author Vides un ūdenssaimniecības katedra

Kaspars Abramenko

Mg. sc. ing.

Course abstract

The effect of local and zonal factors and necessity of engineering measures should be examined. Problems must be solved by finding causes, choosing methods, adapting optimal technical solutions. Using plans of forest lands (1:5000) students have to design engineering systems, draw it in horizontal and vertical plane, calculate their parameters. It is necessary to realize the hydrological and hydraulic calculations for fixing the dimensions of drainage systems. Road structures, as well as hydro technical structures, calculation of their parameters and their use are discussed.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

• The course develops knowledge and understanding about the role of drainage, irrigation and land reclamation as a complex measures in different zonal and local environmental conditions. Course develops understanding about all the mentioned measures effect on agricultural land and forest productivity as well as changes of environmental quality.
• The course provides skills and abilities in understanding the conditions of soil water regime and land reclamation taking into account forest management system. With regard to the mentioned, students achieve an ability to examine and technically solve the problems by offering optimal engineering solutions.
• The course imparts competence to choose the methods of regulation of soil water regime and find an optimal engineering technical way to resolve it and competence in collecting, evaluating, analysing and using the informa

Compulsory reading

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Further reading

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Periodicals and other sources

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