Course code PārZ5019

Credit points 2

Food Product Development

Total Hours in Course80

Number of hours for lectures8

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes24

Independent study hours48

Date of course confirmation20.02.2013

Responsible UnitDepartment of Food Technology

Course developer

author Pārtikas tehnoloģijas katedra

Dace Kļava

Dr. sc. ing.

Course abstract

During the study course students acquire knowledge about development of new products in different models – food production enterprise, cooperation with producer and scientific research institution, and in scientific research institutions. Applying knowledge about new product development process, ideas are generated according to the latest scientific knowledge and tendencies in the food industry, technological solutions and quality testing of prototypes are planned, as well as developed appropriate marketing activities for the new product. Students get acquainted with the innovation support system in Latvia and practically develop the draft of the project application or business plan for developing the idea and obtaining financial support.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Knowledge and understanding of the development of new products in food production enterprise, cooperation with producer and scientific research institution, and in scientific research institutions. Knowledge about innovation support system in Latvia.
Skills to develop a new product development plan, to scientifically justify and reasonably discuss the technological solution and quality of the new product, as well as the differences between the products on the market viewpoints. Skills to choose the most appropriate support system and implement it.
Competences to independently implement new product development process from idea to product and develop project application.

Course Content(Calendar)

1. Lecture. Conceptual Modelling of Innovation Development and Support System in Latvia and European Union - 2h.
2. Discussion seminar on the most appropriate choice of support system for development of innovations - 2h.
3. Lecture. Insight into the basic rules of legal protection of new products and regulatory enactments - 2h.
4. Lecture. Role of new products in business and science. New product development principles in different models - food production enterprise, cooperation with producer and scientific research institution, and in scientific research institutions - 2h.
5. Workshop. Recent developments in the food industry and opportunities for developing new products - 2h.
6. Lecture. Implementing a conceptual approach to developing new products. Product development plan development - 1h, discussion seminar - 1h.
7. Lecture. Methods of generating ideas, their use in product development. Evaluation of ideas and selection - 2h.
8. Practical work. Generating ideas using several methods. Evaluation of the acquired ideas - 2h.
9. Workshop. Argumented discussion about the results of the evaluation of the acquired ideas - 2h.
10. Lecture. Prototypes of new product development testing - 1h.
11. Lecture. Quality management of new products and discussion of the necessary test analyses for the product prototype - 2h.
12. Lecture. Market and economic aspects of new product development. Commercialization of new products - 1h.
13. Practical work. Developing new product sales promotion - 2h.
14. Practical work. Marketing activity planning - 1h.
15. Workshop. Presentation, justification and explanation of marketing activity calendar and events - 1h.
16. Lecture. Types of project applications, use of legislative enactments, basic rules for preparation of documentation, possibilities for cooperation with scientific research institutions - 2h.
17. Practical work. Selection of project applications, preparation of forms - 2h.
18. Workshop. Preparation and presentation of a new product research and financial support project application - 2h.

Requirements for awarding credit points

During the semester, students must take part in independent works, workshops and seminars, prepare 4 reports on the progress of the new product development, select and prepare a draft proposal for the support project and report back at the seminar. The developed works are submitted electronically by the students.

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Independent work is an individual written work with elements of the research on the latest trends in the development of the food industry, supports the selection of the system project application form and the development of a conceptual product development plan.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

The assessment of a study course test with a mark depends on the accumulative assessment of independent work, seminars and final work (project application development) - it is calculated as the arithmetic mean of the marks obtained in the study course.
Independent work and participation in seminars are assessed according to a set of scores from excellent to almost satisfactory.

Compulsory reading

1. Innovation in food engineering [elektroniskais resurss] : new techniques and products / edited by Maria Laura Passos, Claudio P. Ribeiro. Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, 2010. xxxiv, 721 p. : ill. Contemporary food engineering . Grāmata izdota arī iespiestā veidā. ISBN 9781420086072 (e-book : PDF)
2. Handbook of research on innovation and entrepreneurship / edited by David B. Audretsch ... [et al.]. Cheltenham, UK ;Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar ; c2011. xvi, 510 lpp. : il., diagr., sh., tab. ; 25 cm. ISBN 9781848440876 (hbk.)
Consumer-led food product development. Edited by Hal MacFie. Cambridge: Woodhead Publishing ;Boca Raton [etc.]: CRC Press, 2007. 613 p.
3. Gordon W. Fuller New Food Product Development: From Concept to Marketplace, Third Edition , CRC Press 2016. 508p.

Further reading

1. Dent, Andrew Product design / Andrew H. Dent & Leslie Sherr. London : Thames & Hudson, 2014. 208 lpp. : ilustrācijas ; 24 cm. Material innovation . ISBN 9780500291290 (brošēts)
2. Innovation in healthy and functional foods / edited by Dilip Ghosh ... [u.c.]. Boca Raton [u.c.] : CRC Press 1 tiešsaistes resurss (42 datnes, 579 lapas) : diagrammas, ilustrācijas, shēmas, tabulas. ISBN 9781439862698 (PDF).

Periodicals and other sources

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Mandatory study course for Master's study program “Food Science” and elective course for Master's study program “Nutrition Science”.