Course code MežZ2045

Credit points 3

Mechanization of Forestry Work II

Total Hours in Course81

Number of hours for lectures22

Number of hours for laboratory classes10

Independent study hours49

Date of course confirmation22.12.2020

Responsible UnitInstitute of Forest Management

Course developers


Aleksandrs Saveļjevs

Dr. sc. ing.

author lect.

Māris Davidāns

Mg. sc. ing.

author Mežsaimniecības institūts

Ziedonis Sarmulis

Dr. sc. ing.

Prior knowledge

MašZ4021, Technical Graphics

Mate1033, Mathematics II

Mate4016, Mathematics I

MežZ3046, Mechanization of Forestry Work I

Course abstract

The study course provides knowledge of machine construction and the principal mechanism operating principles Acquired knowledge enables to understand basic operation of logging machinery and mechanisms to calculate the strength and power transfer principles.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

After the course studies the student will have:
• Knowledge - knows the structure and operating principles of machines used in logging - test
• Skill - is able to perform visual and technical assessment of forest equipment, aggregation possibilities - test
• Competence - responsibly advises those working in the forest sector on the applicability of logging machines in the specific felling development - test.

Course Content(Calendar)

1 Maintenance of forest machinery. lect.2 h.
2 Transportation of forest machinery. lect. 2 h.
3 Technical materials for forest machinery. Lect. 2 h.
4 Technical fluids (oils, fuels, lubricants) for forest machinery operation. Lab.d. 2 h.
5 Seals and types of seals for forest machines. Lect. 2 h.
6 Connections used in forest machinery repair works. Lect. 2 h.
7 Indestructible connections in forest machinery repair works I. Lec. 2 h.
8 Non-removable connections in forest machinery repair works II. Lect. 2 h.
9 Demountable connections in forest machinery repairs I. Lad, d, 2 h.
10 Demountable connections in forest machinery repair works II. Lab w. 2 h.
11 Bearings and their place in forest machinery. Lect. 2 h.
12 Torque transmission in forestry machinery. Lect. 2 h.
13 'Clutches and safety couplings in forestry machinery. Lab.w. 2 h.
14 Hydraulic circuits, designations, structure and principles of operation of some basic mechanisms. Lect.l.2 h.
15 Electrical circuits, pneumatic circuits in forest machinery, their peculiarities.lect. 2 h.
16 Mechanism construction schemes and their reading. Lect. 2 h.

Requirements for awarding credit points

All tests, assignments and successfully defended practical papers must be successfully written

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Independent preparation for the control of knowledge by studying special literature and using the learning resources available in the e-study environment within the study course.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

All the works of the laboratory, the quizzes written, and the checks must be defended. If all quizzes are written with a score of 7 balls and more, students can get the accumulating crediting rating as the average of the quiz ratings.
Evaluation of works in accordance with point 4.1 of the Statute for Studies

Compulsory reading

1. Kobcevs A. Lietišķā mehānika. Rīga , 2006.
2. Merkle D., Štraiders B., Toms M. Hidraulika. Rīga: Festo, 2000. 283 lpp.
3. Жуков А.B., Федоренчик A.C., Kopoбkин B.A., Бычек A.H. Лесные машины „Беларус”. Минск, 2001.
4. Uusitalo J. Introduction to forest operations and technology. Hameenlinna, 2010.

Further reading

1. Miķelsons Z., Pīrs V. Spēkratu konstrukcijas. Jelgava: LLU, 2008. 199 lpp.

Periodicals and other sources

1. Baltijas Koks, ISSN 1407-6667
2. International Forest Industries, ISSN 1392-1355


The study course is included in the compulsory part of full-time and part-time studies of the professional higher education bachelor study program “Forest Engineer” of the Faculty of Forestry.