Course code MašZ3037

Credit points 4.50

CNC Machine Tools

Total Hours in Course120

Number of hours for lectures8

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes32

Number of hours for laboratory classes8

Independent study hours72

Date of course confirmation27.02.2018

Responsible UnitInstitute of Engineering and Energetics

Course developer

author Inženiertehnikas un enerģētikas institūts

Jānis Lāceklis-Bertmanis

Dr. sc. ing.

Prior knowledge

MašZ3036, Metal Processing Technology and Design I

MašZ4058, Metal Processing Technology and Design II

MatZ4012, Material Science (Construction Materials)

Replaced course

MmehB001 [GMMEB001] CNC Machine Tools

Course abstract

The course aims is to provide the theoretical knowledges and practical skills in the management of a set of numerical control machine tools, cutting mode selection of the coordinate reference systems and zero points, CNC control programs.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

1. Knowledge of the importance of job security in working with CNC workbench – practical works;
2. Manages numerical control workbench management principles - practical work;
3. Able to develop CNC machining programs and to make out parts - Test No 1. and practical works;
4. Is able to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the developed CNC machine tool management programs - practical work;
5. Is able to develop a CNC control programmers and practically make a component. – Test
No 2.

Course Content(Calendar)

Full time intramural studies:
1. Safety at work with CNC machine tools. Work safety warning signs on their importance and positioning on CNC machine. Coordinate axes and reference systems – 1 hour;
2. The contents of the CNC program, the origin of the workpiece, origin point – 1 hour;
3. The importance of G and M codes for the development of a digital control program – 1 hour;
4. Creation of lines, drills and contours. Use of basic cycles – 1 hour;
5. Test – The meaning of the G and M codes – 1 hour;
6. Simulated program and program correction - 1 hour;
7. Preparation of machine tools and accessories for digital control CNC for work. Preparation of a digital-controlled CNC machine-tool for a technological process – 1 hour;
8. Test – Creation of a processing program for the given detail – 1 hour.

1. Location of work safety warning signs on workbenches – 3 hours;
2. Coordinate systems on CNC machine – 4 hours;
3. Origin selection on CNC machine – 5 hours.
4. Development of processing program – 5 hours;
5. Create a CNC programming codes – 5 hours;
6. Parts making with CNC milling machine – 5 hours;
7. Parts making with CNC lathe – 5 hours.

1. CNC workbench control panel – 3 hours;
2. Subprograms of processing program – 3 hours;
3. Use of processing cycles – 2 hours.

Part time extramural studies:

All topics specified for full time studies are accomplished, but the number of contact hours is one half of the number specified in the calendar

Requirements for awarding credit points

Test type - test with mark. The final test task consists of a test on the theoretical subjects acquired during the study course. All tests, homework must be carried out.

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Preparation for tests and practical works – 42 hours.

Homework: To create a CNC processing program for a given part - 30hours.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

Students who have at least assessment 6 in this course of study. The final examination test may not write, and the test rating is compared with the test assessment.

Compulsory reading

1. Avotiņš J. Metālapstrāde. Jelgava: LLU, 2009. 400 lpp. 2. Programming Workbook. HAAS AUTOMATION, INC.2800 Sturgis Rd. Oxnard, CA 93030. June 2006. 400 p. [tiešsaiste] [skatīts 05.02.2018.] Pieejams: 3. Smid P. CNC Programming Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Practical CNC Programming. Edition 3. Industrial Press, Inc., 2007. 600 p. 2003. gada izdevums: [tiešsaiste] [skatīts 05.02.2018.] Pieejams:

Further reading

1. Avotiņš J. Metālapstrāde: kursa darbs "Tehnoloģisko procesu izstrāde": metodiskie norādījumi. Jelgava: LLU, 2005. 90 lpp. 2. Сафин В.Н. Основы программирования фрезерных станков ЧПУ: учобное пособие к лабораторным работам. Челябинск: Издателский центр ЮУрГУ, 2012. 34 с. [tiešsaiste] [skatīts 05.02.2018.] Pieejams: 3. CNC Programming Handbook. 3rd edition. New York, NY, USA: Industrial Press, Inc., 2007.

Periodicals and other sources

1. Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part E: Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering. Published by Sage Publications. ISSN (printed): 0954-4089. ISSN (electronic): 2041-3009.


Obligatory for students of the bachelor of professional higher education program “Design and Crafts” for full and part time students.