Course code LauZ3174

Credit points 1.50

Feedstuffs [course paper]

Total Hours in Course40

Independent study hours40

Date of course confirmation26.02.2019

Responsible UnitInstitute of Animal Science

Course developer

author Dzīvnieku zinātņu institūts

Aiga Nolberga-Trūpa

Dr. agr.

Prior knowledge

Biol3008, Microbiology

Ķīmi3015, The Basics of Biochemistry

LauZ2027, Forage Production

Vete2023, Animal Anatomy and Physiology

Course abstract

The term paper is developed by the students according the experimental data base at the livestock farms or by summarizing the scientific literature on the chosen theme.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Students improve and control their knowledge about the nutrients necessary for animals as well as about the feedstuffs and its quality used in a particular farm. Students also acquire practical skills in the principles of rationing of nutrients and feedstuffs for different breed and group animals. In the result, students are able to speak in public and to discuss, skillfully defend own opinion, prepare a presentation independently, and defend it professionally use of latest information technologies.. As a result, the students are competent to use the acquired skills and knowledge in the studies of scientific literature and to use them in the professional development process and participate in scientific research. Successful performed and defended course paper.

Course Content(Calendar)

1. Choice of course paper theme.
2. Performance criteria and methodology of course paper.
3. Clarification of the course paper topic, determination of the work structure.
4. Selection and compilation of scientific literature.
5. Analysis of scientific literature.
6. Formation of scientific literature review.
7. Data obtaining for the study.
8. Characterization of the research place.
9. Processing and analysis of research data.
10. Preparation of course paper.
11. Developing conclusions.
12. Developing proposals.
13. Correction and improvement of course paper.
14. Preparation and submission of course paper.
15. Preparation of course paper presentation.
16. Defending the course paper.

Requirements for awarding credit points

Course paper presentation and public defence receiving a positive evaluation.

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

The theme for the paper is chosen by the student and submitted for the approval to the lecturer delivering the study course. The student may also propose the development of a topic of interest to himself in accordance with the study course program and conditions, in agreement with the lecturer. Formulate the objective and tasks of the course paper.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

Students can obtain a successful assessment on the course paper if the work amount is at least 15 pages and at least 10 literature sources have been used to prepare the course paper.

Compulsory reading

1. Osītis U. Dzīvnieku ēdināšana. LLU. Jelgava. 2005. 312 lpp.
2. Osītis U. Dzīvnieku ēdināšana kompleksā skatījumā. Ozolnieki. 2004. 364.lpp.
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6. Studiju darbu izpilde un noformējums. LLU. LF. 5.pārstrādātais izdevums. Elektroniski pieejams:

Further reading

1. Degola L, Trūpa A., Aplociņa E. Lopbarības ķīmiskās analīzes un sagremojamība. LLU. 2016. 52.lpp. Elektroniski pieejams: Lopbarības%20ķīmiskās....pdf
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Periodicals and other sources

1. Saimnieks. Rīga: TEE Bio, ISSN 1691-1598
2. Agrotops. Rīga: Aģentūra Agro apgāds, ISSN 1407-5164.
3. Hoard's Dairyman. USA, ISSN: 0018-2885.
4. Journal of Animal Sciece, American Society of Animal Science, ISSN 0021-8812.


For study program Professional Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences, qualification Zootechnics in Breeding.