Course code JurZ3033

Credit points 2

Rights of Work and Regulations in Labour Protection II

Total Hours in Course80

Number of hours for lectures32

Independent study hours48

Date of course confirmation17.12.2014

Responsible UnitInstitute of Economics and Regional Development

Course developer

author lect.

Uldis Karlsons

Mg. darb.aizs.

Course abstract

Students become acquainted with the Conventions of International Labour Organization, law on labour protection and related regulations, instructions and acts,Latvian legislation and others regulations for safety and health of employees at work, regulations of Cabinet of Minister for regarding health control and insurance in case of accidents or occupational diseases European and Latvian standards, norms of construction, labour safety requirements for building operations, requirements of Europe and Republic of Latvia for training on labour protection issues.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

After completing the course student will have:
• knowledge about international and national regulations on labour protection in database, understanding about need labour protection regulations, linked with regulatory requirements of real sectors of economy;
• skills to be able regulations labour protection according to specific economic sectors hazard, justify need for implementing regulations, legal on practical consequences;
• competence assume responsibility for own, use of the knowledge and skills in addressing regulations on labour protection in practical implementation

Compulsory reading

1. Darba drošība. Rīga: Latvijas Brīvo arodbiedrību savienība, 2010. 191 278 lpp.
2. Tērauda I. Darba drošība. Rīga : Lietišķās apmācības centrs, 2010. 240 lpp.
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4. Darba drošība, strādājot augstumā: darba aizsardzības informatīvi-skaidrojošais materiāls. Rīga: VSAA, 2005. 20 lpp.

Further reading

1. Profesijas standarts PS 0094 "Darba aizsardzības speciālists", PS 0100 "Darba aizsardzības vecākais speciālists".
2. Alehno I. Eiropas Savienības tiesību īstenošana Latvijā. Rīga: Latvijas Vēstnesis, 2003. 392 lpp.
3. Profesiju klasifikators [elektroniskais resurss]. Rīga : MULTINEO, 2007.

Periodicals and other sources

1. Jurista Vārds: una lex-una iustitia omnibus. Rīga : Latvijas Vēstnesis, 2006- ISSN 1691-2462.
2. Valsts Darba inspekcija. Pieejams: Skatīts 2014.11.11)
3. Eiropas Darba drošības un veselības aizsardzības aģentūra Pieejams: Skatīts 2014.11.11.