Course code BūvZ1034

Credit points 3

AutoCAD Aided Design

Total Hours in Course81

Number of hours for laboratory classes32

Independent study hours49

Date of course confirmation23.03.2021

Responsible UnitInstitute of Civil Engineering and Wood Processing

Course developers

author prof.

Raitis Brencis

Dr. sc. ing.

author lect.

Mārtiņš Ruduks

Mg. sc. ing.

Prior knowledge

Arhi1025, Construction Graphics

Course abstract

Insight into the history of drawing programs. Application of the latest architectural programs, its positive features and negative features. Choice of architectural programs for a particular work purpose and achieving the desired result. Drawing, design and printing of various architectural elements.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

- Knowledge: basics of building design, basics of universal design, constructions of buildings, structures and their nodes, basics of work standardization, drawing.
-Skills: to develop construction drawings, basics of work standardization.
-Competence: design a digital drawing, constantly develop graphic works in a computer program, manage and apply the principles of universal design.
- Evaluation: Knowledge, skills and competence are assessed by 4 tests and final work.

Course Content(Calendar)

Full time intramural studies:
1 Getting to know the most common drawing programs (1h)
2 Working on the Auto Cad drawing program. Getting to know the working environment of a computer program (1h)
3 Getting to know and using key commands (4h)
4 Drawing toolbars, work environment configuration (2h)
5 Drawing and working with simple geometric elements (4h)
6 Making Single line text and Multiline text and taking advantage of it (1h)
7 Drawing drawings on the most common scales (3h)
8 Configuring the Dimension line. Displaying dimension lines (2h)
9 Working in Layers, creating new Layers (3h)
10 Creating Blocks, modifying them (1h)
11 Creating automatic Tables (2h)
12 Hatching elements according to generally accepted standards. (2h)
13 Creating and using the drawing form. (3h)
14 Preparation of drawings for print (page design), printout of drawings (1h)
15 Preparation of drawings for print (page design), printout of drawings (1h)
16 Industry news. Preparation of drawings for print (page design), printout of drawings (1h).
Part time extramural studies:
All topics specified for full time studies are accomplished, but the number of contact hours is one half of the number specified in the calendar

Requirements for awarding credit points

The final work should be developed independently and in accordance with the calendar plan specified by the lecturer.

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

The final work should be developed in accordance with the calendar plan specified by the teacher. In AutoCad must have drawings of: master plan, two facades, building plans, sections, at least three details, building and material specifications.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

The test works must be counted, completed for the final work.

Compulsory reading

1. Peļiņins A., Spalis G. AutoCAD datorizētā projektēšana. Rīga: Jumava,2003. 199 lpp.
2. Погорелов В. AutoCAD 2008. Моделирование и пространство для инженеров и дизайнеров. Питер, 2008.
3. СоколоваТ. Ю.AutoCAD 2008. Легкий старт. Питер, 2008
4. Dukulis I. (2018) Pamati darbā ar AutoCAD 2018: mācību e-grāmata. Jelgava. 178 lpp.

Further reading

1. Полещук Н. AutoCAD 2008. Новыевозможности. Питер, 2008.
2. V. Grants, U. Skadiņš, D. Petzāls. Datormācība. Metodiskie materiāli. ESF Projekta ietvaros izstrādātie materiāli. 2006. 23 lpp.


Compulsory study course of the 1 st level professional higher educational study programme "Civil Engineering", Second level professional higher educational study programme "Civil Engineering", Professional higher educational bachelor study programme "Environment and Water Management” (full time and par time studies)