Course code PārZP022

Credit points 3

Food Technologies

Total Hours in Course120

Independent study hours120

Date of course confirmation12.01.2016

Responsible UnitDepartment of Food Technology

Course developer

author Pārtikas tehnoloģijas katedra

Jeļena Zagorska

Dr. sc. ing.

Prior knowledge

PārZP028, Food Equipment

PārZP029, Introduction in Food Industry

Course abstract

Students will get practical knowledge in food processing and equipment exploitation questions. Students strengthen the knowledge acquired during studies and gain practical skills. Students get acquainted with the food processing and equipment. Students proved their theoretical knowledge and get practical experience, what will help in practical works and during competition in the labor market.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

During the practice, students prepare a practice report and returning from practice publicly defends it. After defending, students receive practice assessment - a test without a mark.
After the course students will have:
Specialized knowledge and critical understanding about the technological processes, their organization, technological units and flowing lines in the food production enterprise. Practise report development and defence
Skills: independently perform their duties in processing enterprise, to summarize the information gathered during the practice. Practise report development and defence
Competence to analyse and explain the technological processes in the food production enterprise. Practise report development and defence

Course Content(Calendar)

1. General information about the company; characterisation of raw materials, ready products, evaluation of quality parameters. Practise report development
2. Food processing technologies, equipment, main technological parameters, its justification. Practise report development
3. The hygienic rules in the food company. Environmental protection and safety measures in the food company. Practise report development and defence.

Requirements for awarding credit points

Formal test (pass/fail).
To have positive evaluation student should:
• participate in practise (100%);
• successfully work out and defence practice report according tasks;
• to get positive evaluation from practise supervisor (from company)

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

According requirements student should work out and present practice report.
1. Information about company:
a) name, type of business, location, specialization,
b) raw materials, their classification and description;
characteristics and controlled parameters of the ready products;
2. The production technology:
a) the individual production process sequence and parameters. Parameters and operation reasons; Equipment used (trademark, process, principles of operation) in production; journals of technological processes;
b) equipment and facilities sanitation (cleaning frequency, used disinfectants and cleaning agents, the responsible person) in the company;
c) auxiliary materials, semi-finished products and ready products, their accounting. Losses during production process. Raw material consumption per unit production;
d) the by-products, their processing technology and economic benefits;
3. The hygienic requirements of the company. Environmental protection and safety measures.
4. The trainee's conclusions and recommendations.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

The evaluation of the practise depends on practice report quality.
Practice report is evaluated as appropriate (positive), if 70% of it is described according requirements.

Compulsory reading

1 Uzņēmumā esošā pieejamā informācija par jaunu produktu izstrādi. 2 Ciproviča I., Kārkliņa D., Kampuse S., Kļava D., Markeviča L., Straumīte E. Ražošanas prakses nolikums. LLU. Jelgava, 2008. 24 lpp. 3 Mitra J. The business of innovation. 1st edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Pub., 2017. ISBN 9781446210802

Further reading


Mandatory practice of second level professional higher education study program "Food Technology" for full-time students