Course code MežZ5007

Credit points 3

Management of Waterlogged Forests

Total Hours in Course120

Number of hours for lectures24

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes24

Independent study hours72

Date of course confirmation08.11.2011

Responsible UnitDepartment of Silviculture

Course developer

author Mežkopības katedra

Aigars Indriksons

Dr. silv.

Course abstract

Forest paludification process continues and increases during whole postglacial era; about 1.5 million hectares of the forest land are waterlogged, the forest stand productivity is low there and the forest management is burdened. Till up to now there are 41% from the total area of waterlogged forests drained. In the drained areas there are special silvicultural activities to be performed.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Students have obtained the knowledge about the causes of the forest paludification, the classification and the hydrological regime of the waterlogged forests. Students have skills to calculate the average diameter and height of trees in forest stand, to estimate the current site index and the management age of the drained forest stand. Students are trained to compare and evaluate the ecological and species diversity of the waterlogged and drained forests. Students have competence to analyse and use the more suitable management regime and activities in the waterlogged and drained forests.

Compulsory reading

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Further reading

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Periodicals and other sources

1. Journal of Hydrology ISSN 0022-1694
2. Лесоведение ISSN 0024-1148
3. The Finnish Environment ISSN 1238-7312