Course title Horticulture
Course code LauZP062
Credit points 1
ECTS creditpoints 1.50
Total Hours in Course
Date of course confirmation 30/10/2012
Responsible Unit Institute of Soil and Plant Science
Course developers
Dr. agr., doc. Dace Siliņa

There is no prerequisite knowledge required for this course
Course abstract
Training practise with practical work in horticulture or related companies helps to strengthen the knowledge in specialty. A student has gained basic knowledge of practical production during the first courses led by teachers. During the training practise students are able to obtain practical skills and experience in horticulture crop technologies, its evaluation and farm’s place in business environment. After training practise following professional practise which student meets individually at least in two agricult
Learning outcomes and their assessment
After completing the course student will have:
• knowledge of technological processes, management and organizational principles, students also obtain information of farm’s place in business environment, cooperatives, current market situation and agricultural organisations;
• skills to identify and assess the dissemination of harmful organisms, to collect their collections, identify crop species and to assess the horticulture production;
• competence in production technology planning, management and control in agricultural enterprises in collaboration with the supervisor.
Compulsory reading
1. Dembovskis A., Drudze I., Gailīte M. u.c. (2007) Dārzeņkopība: lauka dārzeņu audzēšana: rokasgrāmata. Pūre: Pūres Dārzkopības izmēģinājumu stacija, 284 lpp.
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3. Plīse E. (2009) Kukaiņi mežā un dārzā. Jelgava: LLU, 368 lpp.
4. Krüssman G. (1997). Die Baumschule. Berlin: Parey Buchverlag. 982 S.
Further reading
1. Žukauska I. (2008). Netradicionālā dārzkopība. Studiju materiāls. Jelgava: LLU. 123 lpp.
2. Hartmann H. T., Kester D. E., Davies F. T., Geneve R. L. (1997). Plant Propagation. Principles and practices //Univ. of California, 770 p.
Periodicals and other sources
1. Dārzs un Drava (ISSN 0132-6457),
2. Dārza pasaule (ISSN 1407-5172), Цветоводство (ИССН 0041-4905) u. c.
3. Biškopis (ISSN 1407-221)