Course title Programming Tools
Course code DatZ3022
Credit points 2
ECTS creditpoints 3
Total Hours in Course 80
Number of hours for lectures 8
Number of hours for laboratory classes 24
Independent study hours 48
Date of course confirmation 12/09/2017
Responsible Unit Department of Computer Systems
Course developers
Dr. sc. ing., doc. Armands Kviesis

Prior knowledge
DatZ1009, Introduction to Programming I
DatZ1010, Introduction to Programming II
InfT2033, Windows Programming
Course abstract
Various programming tools and environments are viewed in this course. Students gain practical skills how to use these tools to build programs, and gain practical skills hoe to use various integrated development environments. View the modeling tools, which can generate program code.
Learning outcomes and their assessment
The goal of completing the study course:
By completing the study course students will gain:
Knowledge of different programming tools and environments, documenting codes, and version control, as well as modelling options in programming.
Skills, such as practical using of programming tools and environments, coding and debugging programs within them, doing code documenting and version control, as well as using modelling options in programming. Competences, such as: gaining and selecting information and using it without assistance, using tools that can prepare and handle information, creating presentation materials and handling them, as well as convincing others and proving your own opinion.
Compulsory reading
1.Fitzerald S., Shilon M. The arduino projects book. 171 p, 2012.
2.Android Studio vide oficiālā tīmekļa lapa: [tiešsaiste][skatīts 25.09.2017] https://developer.android.com/studio/intro/index.html
3.Java valodas rīki un pamācības: [tiešsaiste][skatīts 25.09.2017] http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/index.html 4.Visual Studio vide un tās rīki: [tiešsaiste][skatīts 25.09.2017] https://www.visualstudio.com/vs/