Course code VeteP007

Credit points 4

Food Hygiene and Inspection

Total Hours in Course160

Date of course confirmation17.12.2014

Responsible UnitInstitute of Food and Environmental Hygiene

Course developer

author Pārtikas un vides higiēnas institūts

Margarita Terentjeva

Dr. med. vet.

Course abstract

During the practice students are introduced with fuction of regional units of Food and Veterinary Service, functions, duties and responsibility of food inspectors and meat inspectors to provide safe food to consumers. During the course students have practical training in meat inspection in slaughterhouses and practical inspection of food establishments under supervision of Food and Veterinary Service food and meat inspectors.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

• knowledge - understanding about principals of food hygiene, organization of official control of foods of animal origin, as well as control organization at the food establishments;
• skills - to perform inspection of food establishments, to perform meat inspection, to fill specific documentation, to take samples for laboratory testing, to evaluate the results of inspection and laboratory testing;
• competence - to make a decision about hygiene level in the food processing and distribution plants, to access if foods and slaughter products are suitable for human consumption, as well as to explain necessarily to make a decision in certain cases to professionals and non-professionals.

Compulsory reading

1. Forsythe S.J., Hayes P.R. Food hygiene, microbiology nad HACCP. 3d ed. Aspen Publications, 2000. 449 p. 1998.g. Pieejams:,-S.J.-Forsythe
2. Lelieveld H.L.M., Mostert M.A. Handbook of hygiene control in the food industry. CRC Press, 2005. 744 p. Pieejams:
3. Gracey J., Collins D.S., Huey R. Meat hygiene. WB Saunders, 1999. 549 p. Pieejams:

Further reading

1. Grandin T. Livestock Handling and Transport. Oxon: CAB Publishing, 2000. 449 p.