Course code ValoP066

Credit points 1.50

Professional German IV

Total Hours in Course60

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes24

Date of course confirmation20.12.2011

Responsible UnitLanguage Centre

Course developer

author #Valodu katedra

Ingrīda Vazne

Mg. paed.

Course abstract

The course is aimed at the acquisition of knowledge and skills in professional foreign languages with the express purpose of extending the students` professional qualification and improving the students` communication skills with foreign students and specialists (including work placement abroad, participation in guest lectures, work in joint venture companies, etc.). The study course envisages mastering of language skills in various forms and levels of communication – reading, speaking, listening, writing focusing on the terminology of forest science and related fields.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

After completing the course the student will have:
• knowledge – of forest engineering terminology including the specialisms in forest machinery, dendrology, silviculture, forest and environmental protection and knowledge of terms in the related fields.
• skills - students are able to apply the knowledge and communicative skills, including reading, speaking, listening and writing skills, in their professional activities, participating in discussions, creating dialogues, making presentations. Students are able to use professional terminology in various communicative situations (telephone talks, job interviews, business correspondence, electronic documents, etc.). They are able to find necessary information in a foreign language on-line;
• competence - students have improved the competence of professional foreign language in order to apply a foreign language creatively in spoken and written communication for professional activities, student mobility and in academic environment.

Compulsory reading

1. European Arboricultural Counsil [EAC], Handbuch, Patzer Verlag, Berlin-Hannover, 2005. 145 S.
2. Schulte A. Wald in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Band I, Muenster, 2003. 515 S.
3. Schulte A. Wald in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Band II, Muenster, 2003. 1082 S.
4. Becker Norbert, Braunert Joerg. Alltag, Beruf&Co B1/2, Max Hueber Verlag, 2009. 119 S.

Further reading

1. Eduard von Jan. Tangram aktuell B1/2, Max Hueber Verlag,Grundstufe 2, 1995. 253 S.
2. Neumayer G. Geschaeftsbriefe schreiben. Fir fuer den Job, Frankfurt/Main, 2004. 96 S.
3. Technisches Woerterbuch. Schule A. Wald in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Band 1, Muenster, 2003. 131.-145 S.

Periodicals and other sources

1. Forst und Holz. ISSN 0932-9315
2. AFZ Der Wald. ISSN 1430-2713
3. Forst & Technik. ISSN 1435 - 1013