Course code Valo1053

Credit points 2

Latvian Language I

Total Hours in Course80

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes32

Independent study hours48

Date of course confirmation16.09.2015

Responsible UnitLanguage Centre

Course developers

author Izglītības un mājsaimniecības institūts

Iveta Līce-Zikmane

Dr. paed.

author Valodu centrs

Inese Ozola

Dr. philol.

Course abstract

The aim of the study course is to develop Latvian communication skills of the students so that they are able to speak and understand simple monologues and dialogues on everyday topics. The interactive language learning method is used, all four language skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing) are developed; the vocabulary learning is based on social and personal issues simultaneously providing elementary knowledge of grammar and pronunciation. The language proficiency level corresponds to A1 (CEFR).

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Knowledge: Students know terms from the field of
-Skills: students are able to form greeting phrases, to use of nouns, simple questioning, noun endings in nominative and locative (Test 1);
- students are able to form monologues, dialogues about home, family, shopping, city orientation, transport, use verb forms, possessive pronouns, verb conjugations, times (Test 2).
Students are able to tell in simple sentences about themselves, their family, and the environment. Can make small dialogues. Understands simple text.
Assessment: Test (pass / fail).

Course Content(Calendar)

1. Latvian alphabet. Sound pronunciation. Greeting phrases.2ha
2. Introduction. Persons and demonstrative pronouns. The verb "to be".2ha
3 .Information about yourself. Noun endings in nominative case. Geography of Latvia.2ha
4. Getting to Know Others - Creating Dialogues. Questioning.2ha
5. Place and time. Noun endings in locative. Test.2ha
6. Residence, apartment, its furnishings. Residence dialogues. Adjectives.2ha
7. Family - monologue.. The verb "to be" – to have.2ha
8. Latvian national holiday and celebration days.2ha
9. Shopping vocabulary. The verb conjugations.2ha
10. Orientation in city, transports. Dialogue. Possessive pronouns.2ha
11. Traveling vocabulary. Prepositions.2ha
12. Cultural events. Free time. Verb times.2ha
13. Daily Plan. Test.2ha
14. Food and drink names. Word formation.2ha
15. The meal in the restaurant. Vocabulary. Menu. Structure of sentences.2ha
16. Conversations: interviews, dialogues, questions about the study course. Reading the text with understanding.2ha

Requirements for awarding credit points

Assessment: Test (pass / fail).
It is made up of cumulative assessment. Active work in classes, successfully written two tests, included homework. The number of the missed classes shall not exceed 20%..

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Home-work done according to requirements.

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

The cumulative assessment (pass / fail) is composed of the grades in tests and activity in classes. The grade in tests is successful if at least 70% of the answers are correct. Homework should be a positive evaluation.

Compulsory reading

1.Angļu - latviešu vārdnīca (2007). 5. izdevums. Cēsis, Design & Printing Services
2.Auziņa E. Berķe M., Lazarea A., Šalme A. (2014). A1 Laipa. Latviešu valoda Mācību grāmata. Rīga, LVA.
3.A1 Laipa. Interaktīvs mācību līdzeklis latviešu valodas apguvei. Pieejams:
4.Atvērsim vārtus. Mācību grāmata A1 (2014). Rīga, LVA
5.Atvērsim vārtus. Interaktīvs mācību līdzeklis latviešu valodas apguvei. Pieejams:
6.Māci un mācies latviešu valodu. E-nodarbības. Pieejams:

Further reading

1.Dumpe D. (2013). Latvian in Three Months. Rīga, Zvaigzne ABC.
2.Latviešu – angļu valodas vārdnīca. Pieejams:
3.Latviešu valodas apguve internetā. Pieejams:
4.Svarinska A. (2003). Latviešu valoda 25 nodarbībām. Latvian in 25 lessons. Rīga, Zvaigzne

Periodicals and other sources

1.1.Interaktīvs līdzeklis iesācējiem "Ko Tu teici?". Pieejams:
2.Latviešu - angļu valodas vārdnīca internetā. Pieejams:


The course is included in the list of optional courses for English students.