Course code VadZ4084

Credit points 3

Design strategies

Total Hours in Course120

Number of hours for lectures32

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes16

Independent study hours72

Date of course confirmation24.01.2018

Responsible UnitInstitute of Business and Management Science

Course developer

author Enerģētikas institūts

Aigars Laizāns

Dr. sc. ing.

Course abstract

The course integrates the design product market and customer behavioral research, the development of a marketing mix for design products / services, and the assessment of the design features of the product through strategic decisions - the selection of market segments / niches, pricing policies, operations at business and functional levels, and creating specific skills and competitive advantage, and taking into account the specificities of both local and export markets. During the course students will develop their ability to think creatively and independently, to use and apply research

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Knowledge: About the place and importance of the strategy in the design industry, the types of strategies applicable, the place and role of the marketing strategy in the development of design products, customer / consumer characteristics and strategic decisions related, as well as strategies for developing specific skills and competitive advantage.
Skills: To analyze the design products market and its customers, to form elements and complex of the strategic marketing plan, to choose the strategies for developing a design product in the local and export markets.
Competence:Conformity assessment of the design product development strategy, determination of the validity of strategic activities and decisions, development and implementation of strategic plan

Compulsory reading

1.Caune J. Stratēģiskā vadīšana - R.: Lidojošā zivs - 2008. -384 lpp 2.Inovācijas / tulkojums no angļu valodas, [tulkojusi Agnese Orupe]. Rīga : Lietišķās informācijas dienests, 2009 112 lpp. 3.Praude V. Mārketings: teorija un prakse. 1. grāmata, 3. izd. Rīga: Burtene, 2011. 522 lpp. ISBN 9789984833033

Further reading

1.Ābeltiņa, Anna, Inovācija - XXI gadsimta fenomens / Anna Ābeltiņa. Rīga : Biznesa augstskola "Turība", 2008 151 lpp.
2.Forands I. Biznesa vadības tehnoloģijas. 2. papild. izdev. Rīga: Latvijas Izglītības fonds, 2009. 308 lpp
3.Karl T. Ulrih, Steven D. Eppinger "Product Design and Development", 5-th ed., Mc Graw Hill, 2008.

Periodicals and other sources

1.Latvijas Investīciju un Attīstības aģentūra,
2.Kopfinansēšanas saites, piemŗam,