Course code SpoZP003

Credit points 0.75

Sport III

Total Hours in Course30

Number of hours for lectures2

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes30

Date of course confirmation29.03.2011

Responsible UnitLatvia University of Agriculture Sports Centre

Course developers

author Sporta centrs

Viktors Valainis

Dr. sc. ing.

author Sporta centrs

Inta Alksne

Mg. paed.

author Sporta centrs

Inta Ozola

Mg. paed.

Course abstract

The course provides theoretical knowledge and develops practical skills of the students. The human organism is designed to be physically active. the theoretical knowledge deals with the physiological impact of physical excercises on the bodys familiarises students with competition rules and principles of their proper organization. The practical classes strengthen the student skills and facilitate development of their physical condition and health of students, the programme offers opportunities to go for different kinds of sport in accordance with the capabilities and interests of the students.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Students acquire knowledge abaut physical characteristics and its connection to development of functional abilities, biomechanical reasons of the movement.
Acquire skills to use different exercises and vary movements to develop skills and physical characteristics, properly dose volume and intensity.
They are competent to excersise independently or in groups.

Compulsory reading

1. Apinis P. Cilvēks-anatomija, fizioloģija, pataloģijas pamati - Rīga: Nacionālais medicīnas apgāds, Apgāds Jāņa sēta 2005. - 800 lpp.
2. Āboltiņa M., Knipše G. Sporta mioloģija - Rīga: LIC 1992. - 108 lpp.
3. Fernāte A. Sporta treniņu teorijas pamati - Rīga: LSPA 2002. - 1. daļa 102 lpp. un 2. daļa 89 lpp.
4. Krauksts V. Fiziskā sagatavotība. Kā to iegūt? - Rīga: Drukātava 2006. - 197 lpp.

Further reading

1. Delavjē F. Vingrinājumi sievietēm - Rīga, Zvaigzne ABC 2002. - 135 lpp.
2. Ābele A. Sporta psiholoģijas pamati - Rīga, RaKa 2009. - 295 lpp.
3. Švinks U. Studentu sports - Riga, LSPA 2001. - 41 lpp.

Periodicals and other sources

1. Veselība: populārzinātnisks žurnāls ģimenei. Rīga: Aģentūra Agro apgāds. ISSN 1407-804X.
2. Shape: harmonija, skaistums, veselība, fitness, uzturs. Rīga: Santa. ISSN 1691-2543.
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