Course code Soci3019

Credit points 2

Theory of Sociology

Total Hours in Course80

Independent study hours80

Date of course confirmation20.12.2011

Responsible UnitInstitute of Social Sciences and Humanities

Course developers

author #Socioloģijas katedra#

Valda Kronberga

Mg. sc. soc.

author Sociālo un humanitāro zinātņu institūts

Anda Grīnfelde

Dr. oec.

author Sociālo un humanitāro zinātņu institūts

Laima Barisa

Mg. sc. soc.

Course abstract

Course project is individual work which express students' theoretical knowledge and skills drawing down conclusions about an actual process or phenomena.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

After completion of the study course, students will have:
Knowledge – on conceptualization of sociological concepts, on classical and contemporary sociological theories in the field of organizations and public administration.
Skills – to choose and to broach independently problems of social investigation as well as to elaborate appropriate research design, and to debate about information obtained in theoretical studies.
Competence – ability to elaborate a theoretical framework of the sociological research, critically analyse and synthesize.

Compulsory reading

1. Bryan S.T. (editor) The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology. Cambridge: University Press. 2006. 688 p.
2. Большой толковый социологический словарь (Collins). Том 1 (А-О): Пер.с англ. Москва.: Вече, АСТ, 2001. 544 с.
3. Большой толковый социологический словарь (Collins). Том 2 (П-Я): Пер.с англ. Москва: Вече, АСТ, 2001. 528 с.
4. Bryman A. Social Research Methods. Oxford: University Press. 2001. 540 p.

Further reading

1. Mārtinsone K. (sast.) Ievads pētniecībā: stratēģijas, dizaini, metodes. Rīga: RaKa, 2011. 284 lpp.
2. Eko U. Kā uzrakstīt diplomdarbu. Rīga: Jāņa Rozes apgāds, 2006. 319 lpp.
3. Rubanovskis A. Metodiskie ieteikumi studentu darbu izstrādāšanai un aizstāvēšanai. Rīga: RaKa, 2011. 136 lpp.

Periodicals and other sources

1. The British Journal of Sociology. London: Wiley-Blackwell. ISSN 1468-4446.
2. Humanities and Social Sciences: Latvia. Rīga: University of Latvia, Institute of economics, Latvian Academy of Sciences. ISSN 1022-4483.
3. Latvijas Universitātes raksti. Socioloģija. Rīga: Latvijas Universitāte. ISSN 1407-2157.