Course code Peda5031

Credit points 4

Latvian Language

Total Hours in Course160

Number of hours for lectures8

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes56

Date of course confirmation19.03.2013

Responsible UnitInstitute of Education and Home Economics

Course developer

author Izglītības un mājsaimniecības institūts

Iveta Līce-Zikmane

Dr. paed.

Course abstract

The course of study includes the Latvian language basic knowledge and skills. It is designed for students without preliminary knowledge in Latvian. The focus is on conversational skills and grammatical base, what gives the opportunity to use language in different contexts of daily life and studies. Students develop lexical, grammatical and functional language competence, allowing them to comment the topics included in the course in the Latvian language oral and written way of communication, including also the terms of education.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

• Knowledge - able to: understand usage of familiar words, the individual phrases and frequently used word in statements, what has a relationship with himself/herself, his/her family and nearest surroundings, understand the meaning of a well-known names, the titles of publications and the contents of a simple sentence.
• Skills - able to: read short, simple texts; find specific information in simple everyday material communicate in routine and every day situation requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar topics and activities in specialty-related situations; write a simple letter.
• Competence – able to: catch separate phrases and simple sentences; catch the main point of short, simple and clear-spoken statements; engage in a short conversation; use the Latvian language knowledge and skills in self-life related situations as well as in studies.

Compulsory reading

1. Svarinska A. Latviešu valoda. Mācību kurss 25 nodarbībām. Latvian in 25 lessons. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2003. 110 lpp.
2. Budviķe I., Šiliņa B., Vizule R. Palīgā! Mācībgrāmata pieaugušajiem. 1.līmenis. Rīga: LVAVA, 2007. 84 lpp.
3. Latvian Language [tiešsaiste] [skatīts 04.04.2013.]. Pieejams
4. Latvian speech[tiešsaiste] [skatīts 04.04.2013.]. Pieejams

Further reading

1. English - Latvian Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from ECTACO. [tiešsaiste] [skatīts 04.04.2013.].Pieejams
2. Dumpe D. Latvian in three months. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2009. 215 lpp. Nav LLU FB. Ir ALEPH Kopkatalogā.
3. Vārdnīcas internetā. Pieejams

Periodicals and other sources

1. Ilustrētā Zinātne. Rīga: Mediju grupa TOPS. ISSN - 1691-256X.
2. Izglītība un Kultūra. Latvijas Republikas nedēļas laikraksts. Rīga: Izglītība. ISSN 1407-4036.