Course code MatZ5022

Credit points 2

Wood Science Advanced Course

Total Hours in Course80

Number of hours for lectures12

Number of hours for laboratory classes20

Independent study hours48

Date of course confirmation21.01.2014

Responsible UnitDepartment of Forest Utilisation

Course developer

author Meža izmantošanas katedra

Leonards Līpiņš

Dr. sc. ing.

Course abstract

Students acquire skills to prepare wood micro sections and apply microscope for the investigation of wood structure and cell dimensions. Knowledge on such physical indices as optical features, thermal capacity, fire resistance and bio deterioration is obtained. The study course clarifies the characteristics of wood fibers, and wood usage for pulp production. The newest methods of round timber volume quantifying and quality scaling are acquired.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

During studies the Master student will acquire:
• Knowledge of wood micro structure, wood thermal separation processes, bio and fire protection;
• Skills in identifying the wood micro structure indicators, chopped deciduous and coniferous wood sorting by the indications of chemical techniques, wood bio and fire resistance testing;
• Competence to investigate wood structure and properties, choosing the most appropriate methods.

Compulsory reading

1. Уголев Б. Древесиноведение с основами лесного товароведения. Москва: Московский ГУ леса, 2001. 340 с.

Further reading

1. Lohmann U. Holz-Handbuch.-4Aufl.voelling neubearb.: DRW-Verlag, 1995. 311 s.

Periodicals and other sources

1. Baltijas Koks. ISSN 1407-6667
2. Baltic Forestry. ISSN 1392-1355