Course code MatZP039

Credit points 8

Practice of Specialization

Total Hours in Course320

Independent study hours320

Date of course confirmation16.01.2019

Responsible UnitInstitute of Education and Home Economics

Course developer

author lect.

Silvija Reihmane

Mg. paed.

Prior knowledge

MākZP015, Design and Culture

MatZP034, Designer as a Part of the Enterprise

MatZP038, Assistance and Technology

Course abstract

During the practice the student acts as an assistant designer. The student is involved in planning, organizing and managing the practical product design development process, controlling and evaluating them, linking to the topic of the bachelor's thesis. The student develops, strengthens and improves the professional competencies necessary for the professional activity.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

Understand the field of product designer's profession and work process;
Understands concepts and their regularities, theoretical knowledge and practical use in relation to: design and development of products and their collections, use of materials and technologies, product design and market trends, organization and management of small and medium-sized enterprises, creation and implementation of cooperation, and their own and others professional development.
Able to critically analyze, synthesize and evaluate their knowledge in the design profession, including being able to formulate and analytically describe information, problems and solutions in their profession, explain them and discuss them reasonably;
Able to use terminology relevant to the IT and product design profession;
Able to apply the acquired theory creatively / innovatively through professional and research activity on product design, technology, materials and market development trends;
Ability to work individually and in a team, to work with industry professionals and society;
Students are able to evaluate their own and others' need for professional development.
Is able to strengthen and improve his professional activity in product design profession.
Able to link practice tasks with the subject of a bachelor's thesis
Assessment: practice report, presentation and defense

Course Content(Calendar)

1. Co-ordination of practice tasks with the practice supervisor in the company, practical involvement in the product design development process and linking with the topic of the bachelor's paper;
2. Explore and describe the structure of the company; responsible services at different stages of product development; developing product ideas in the company; assisting the designer / practice manager in the work process;
3. Basic design tasks and planning of artistic design and construction work; analyzing and defining sets of material, technical, functional, aesthetic and ergonomic characteristics of products; requirements and resources required for product design and marketing;
4. Market supply and demand research, exploration and analysis of targeting (target audience);
5. Necessary machinery, equipment, tools and equipment; Documenting and analyzing product design results; documentation of the technological process of product manufacturing;
6. Organization of product samples (batches) and their comprehensive testing (testing);
7. Acceptance and processing of orders; planning or forecasting of cost of production (realization) of product, elaboration of cost calculations and formation of product price policy; project author supervision during product manufacturing; ways of solving problems encountered during product sales; the range and cooperation of suppliers, customers and subcontractors;
8. Detailed reflection of practice tasks in the practice diary. Submission of practice diary and report in IMI. Preparation of practice presentation, presentation of report.

Requirements for awarding credit points

Exam - Practice presentation and presentation if the practice diary and report is evaluated successfully

Description of the organization and tasks of students’ independent work

Practice Logging Practice Diary
Compilation and analysis of information on the planning, organization and management of the company's operations, product types, product design and implementation process, control and evaluation in the practice report, linking to the topic of the Bachelor's thesis
Development of practice presentation

Criteria for Evaluating Learning Outcomes

Exam Rating depends on:
Practice Diary and Report Evaluation
Presentation rating
Assessment of practice practice

Compulsory reading

Uzņēmuma dokumentācija
Dizainera profesijas standarts. 2010, 279.-285.lpp. [tiešsaiste] [skatīts 12.01.2019]. Pieejams:
Fiell C., Fiell P. Designing the 21st Century. Taschen. 2005.

Further reading

Best K. Design Management: managing design strategy, process and implementation. Switzerland: AVA Publishing SA, 2006. 215 p.
Best K. The fundamentals of design management. Switzerland: AVA Publishing SA, 2010. 208 p.
Cooper R., Junginger S., Lockwood T., Buchanan R., Bolan R., Chung K. The handbook of design management. United Kingdom: Bloomsbury, 2011. 566 p.


TF Professional Bachelor Study Program "Design and Crafts"
Full-time studies - 8th semester,
Part-time studies - 9th semester