Course code MežZP023

Credit points 1

Practical Rural Management

Total Hours in Course40

Independent study hours40

Date of course confirmation08.11.2011

Responsible UnitDepartment of Forest Utilisation

Course developer


Alfons Grīnfelds

Dr. sc. ing.

Course abstract

The establishment, description and development perspectives of the training and research farm "Vecauce". The Forest fund of the Republic of Latvia and its management. Forest industry and wood processing enterprises in Auce county.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

After completing the course the students have knowledge about the organization and development of agricultural and forest branch in rural areas. The students are able to comprehend the opportunities of entrepreneurship in rural areas. They are able to analyze the development of forest sector in the countryside and comprehend the interconnections of forest industry for acquiring further study courses.

Compulsory reading

1. Saliņš Z. Mežs - Latvijas nacionālā bagātība. Jelgava, Autora izdevums, 2002. 248 lpp.

Further reading

1. Zakovics E., Insbergs A. Kopšanas ciršu rokasgrāmata. Rīga: AS "Latvijas valsts meži" 2008. 108 lpp.

Periodicals and other sources

1. Baltijas Koks, ISSN 1407-6667
2. Meža Avīze, ISSN 1407-6187