Course code MežZ6013

Credit points 3

Precise Forestry

Total Hours in Course120

Number of hours for lectures48

Independent study hours72

Date of course confirmation17.02.2015

Responsible UnitDepartment of Forest Utilisation

Course developer

author Meža izmantošanas katedra

Gints Priedītis

Dr. silv.

Course abstract

The study course provides students with the knowledge of innovative forest inventory and forest management planning methods, which include measuring instruments, technologies, software and resources survey methods.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

After completing the course student will have:
• Knowledge of trees and forest stand mensuration; forest stand parameters determination; forest inventory specific; remote sensing sensors; geographic information systems,
• Skills to use the opportunities offered by forest inventory methods for data collection, storage, inspection and processing,
• Competence to choose the best data processing methods and software to improve the quality of forest inventory data.

Compulsory reading

1. Maltamo M. Forest inventory: methodology and applications. Dordrecht: Springer Publisher, 2006. 362 p.
2. Forest Management: to sustain ecological, economic, and social values. Lawrence S. Davis... et al. Boston:McGraw-Hill Publishing Co, 2001. 816 p.
3. Advances in forest inventory for sustainable forest management and biodiversity monitoring. Edited by Piermaria Corona... et al. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003. 441 p.
4. Mart-Jan Schelhaas Scenarios on Forest Management in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. Brill Publisher,2004. 107 p.

Further reading

1. Līpiņš L., Liepa I. Apaļo kokmateriālu uzmērīšana. Jelgava: LLU Meža fakultāte, 2007. 234 lpp.
2. Schuck A., Green T., Andrienko G., Andrienko N.. Towards a European forest information system. BRILL Publishers, 2007. 422 p.
3. Stephen R. Galati. Geographic Information Systems Demystified. Boston, London: Artech House Publishers, 2006. 302 p.

Periodicals and other sources

1. Starptautiskais zinātnisko rakstu krājums "Baltic Forestry"; ISSN 1392-1355.
2. LLU Raksti (Proceedings of LAU,; ISSN 1407-4427.
3. Zinātnisko rakstu krājums "Mežzinātne"; www.silava/mezzinatne/lv; ISSN 1407-270X.