Course code MežZ5039

Credit points 2

Forestry Equipment Design Principles II

Total Hours in Course80

Number of hours for lectures24

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes8

Independent study hours48

Date of course confirmation14.02.2017

Responsible UnitDepartment of Forest Utilisation

Course developers

author Meža izmantošanas katedra

Aleksandrs Saveļjevs

Dr. sc. ing.

author Mehānikas institūts

Ēriks Kronbergs

Dr. sc. ing.

author Meža izmantošanas katedra

Agris Zimelis

Mg. sc. ing.

Course abstract

The course introduces with linkages between the research and the principles of design used by the constructors of machines, contributes for the incorporation of the knowledge, obtained by forest technologists, into the technology design, and helps to carry out research of the technical factors impact on the forest environment and contrary. It provides preconditions for the substantiation of forest-technical requirements, connected to the new forest machinery design.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

During the course students will acquire:
• Knowledge about the stages in new forest machinery design, the development process, and the methods of the trials;
• Skills to substantiate the forest-technical requirements for any newly-involved forest equipment, to prepare the necessary information on the peculiarities in the use of the newly-involved machinery;
• Competence on the necessary forest machinery technical innovation in accordance with the general technical trends.

Compulsory reading

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2. Uusitalo J. Introduction to Forest Operations and Technology. JVP Forest Systems, 2010. 287 p.
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Ч.1; 127 c. Ч.2; 110 c.

Further reading

1. Saliņš Z. Mežs - Latvijas nacionālā bagātība. Jelgava: Autora izd., 2002. 248 lpp.
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Periodicals and other sources

1. Baltijas Koks, ISSN 1407-6667

2. Meža Avīze, ISSN 1407-6187