Course code MežZ5004

Credit points 2

Forest Policy

Total Hours in Course80

Number of hours for lectures24

Number of hours for seminars and practical classes8

Independent study hours48

Date of course confirmation18.02.2014

Responsible UnitDepartment of Wood Processing

Course developer

author Kokapstrādes katedra

Henn Tuherm

Dr. habil. sc. ing.

Course abstract

The study course provides knowledge of the conception of Forest Policy, the factors, influencing forest policy, and also Forest Policy processes, in context with the complex solving of ecological, economical and social problems. The vital problems of the Forest Policy of Latvia and the National Policies in other fields will be analyzed, as well an overview of Forest Policies in various European countries will be provided.

Learning outcomes and their assessment

• Students will gain knowledge of Forest Policy processes, policy formation, methods of studies and analyze, the topics of Forest policy in European countries.
• Students will obtain skills necessary for practical studies, analysis and using information, connected with Forest Policy problems.
• As a result students will be competent at independently evaluating practical aspects of Forest Policy as well as integrating the obtained knowledge in further professional career.

Compulsory reading

1. Krott M. Forest Policy Analysis. Dordrecht, Springer, 2005. 323 p. [skatīts 05.09.2014.]. Pieejams: 2. Challenges in Strengthening of Forest Capacities for Forest Policy Development in Countries with Economies in Transition. L.Jansky, R.Nevenic, I.Tikkanen and B.Pajari (ed-s). Tokio: United Nations Unversity, 2004. 459 p.
3. Tuherms H. Eiropas valstu meža politika. No: Lekciju konspekti Meža fakultātes maģistrantiem. Jelgava: LLU, 2007. 54 lpp.
4. Zemkopības ministrijas mājas lapa: Meža nozare. Pieejams:

Further reading

1. Forestry in Changing Societies in Europe: Teaching module. [tiešsaiste]. Tuherm H. et al. Joensuu: University Press, 2000. 480 p. [skatīts 05.09.2014.] Pieejams:
2. Latvijas meža politika. Valsts meža dienesta izdevums. Rīga: apg. Et cetera, 1999. 15 lpp.
3. Zaļā grāmata. Meža aizsardzība un meža informācija ES - gaidot par mežu gatavību klimata pārmainām. [tiešsaiste]. Dokumenta numurs SEC(2010)163 final. [skatīts 05.09.2014.] Pieejams:

Periodicals and other sources

1. Starptautiskais žurnāls "Baltic Forestry": ISSN 1392-1355.
2. Starptautiskais žurnāls "Baltijas koks": ISSN 1407-6667.
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